Weekly roundup

I’ve had a stressful week.  In a good way for the most part, but any change from my usual routine or decisions which have to be made causes me stress.  I don’t know why that should be but both my brain and my body find any kind of disequilibrium challenging – it’s one of the symptoms of ME I find difficult to explain to people even after all these years.

Anyhoo, the reason for the stress is that I changed my car.   I live 7 miles from a shop, bank, garage, my parents or anything else and there is no public transport, so a reliable car is vital for my survival.  My current car is 6 years old and, while it’s perfectly fine, it was getting to the point where if I didn’t swap it for a newer one it would cease to have any trade-in value.  So with the help of the bank of Mum and Dad I’ve exchanged my 6 year old vehicle for an 18 month old.

I actually loved my old car so managed to find an identical replacement – it helps that I already know how to drive the damned thing and would be bamboozled trying to drive a different make!  I have to have an automatic as my legs can’t cope with changing gears, it has tinted rear windows for Bertie, parking sensors as I struggle to turn to look behind me and is nice and compact.  The fact it’s the sports model, has double spoke alloys, cruise control and bucket seats has nothing to do with anything 😉

The stress came in because the garage offered me a poor trade-in price for my old vehicle.  I went to a well known online car buying company (Webuyanycar.com) and they offered me £600 ($850) more which to me is a staggering amount of cash.  So I bought the new car without a trade-in and a few days later travelled 40 miles to the WBAC office expecting them to buy my old one for the stated online quote.  Only of course they didn’t.  They knocked off £400 for wear and tear scratches, despite their website saying the online quote takes into account wear and tear for the age of the vehicle.  Fucking scam artists.  I declined their offer but am now left with not knowing how to get rid of my old car which is stressing me out no end.

To further add to the stress I had another melt down at Camera Club.  I’d done a portrait for my last competition entry which I was immensely proud of.  However the old, male judge didn’t agree and I got the lowest mark of the night.  I know this is a good picture and for it to score lower than a literal knot in a  piece of string, or a butterfly on a flower (which any fool with an iPhone can get a shot of) made me livid.  So much so I left at half time and went home.  We live in an age where we can digitally manipulate images, why the hell would we not do so?  Do you think films like Titanic or the Remnant could be made without CGI?  Hell, even Gone With the Wind back in 1940 used crude CGI for the battle scenes!  Either Photoshop is allowed or it’s not – if it’s allowed it then can’t be marked down.  Apparently my image “disturbed” him.  Yeah, kind’ve the point you old twit.  Van Gogh disturbed people, that’s why his paintings sell for millions of pounds, while his fellow artists painting nice portraits of the gentility have faded into obscurity.  Rant over!

'Losing my Mind'

‘Losing my Mind’

A similar picture to this got 3rd place. What is unique about it? What skill is involved? What story does it tell?!

A similar picture to this got 3rd place. What is unique about it? What skill is involved? What story does it tell?!  Is a pretty picture all it takes to make a winner?

Changing the subject entirely, I’ve had over 30 visitors to my Hands page every single day since it was written in 2014.  The visitors don’t appear to have Ehlers-Danlos, so I’m assuming (hoping) it’s been shared on some kind of teaching website and if that’s the case I’m thrilled.   The more any kind of clinician is aware of the symptoms of EDS the better and the less harm is going to be done when we have certain medical procedures carried out, eg I find going to the Dentist tortuous for my right jaw joint, which goes into spasm seconds into my examination.  In particular knowledge of the condition amongst teachers is beneficial for children.  I so wish we’d known about my EDS when I was still at school because I found writing so tiring and painful and of course these days I’d have the opportunity to use technology such as a computer or MP3 recorder for lecture notes and essays.  As it was I got punished constantly for my “poor handwriting” and given extra lines to do which caused even more pain!  If any of my hand visitors are reading this do let me know where you’re all coming from!!


5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Livvy_sheep

    Hey Jak..

    Totally ‘get’ the difficulty to cope with change and routine.. I used to think it was fatigue and brain fog and eds. Then I thought it was the old sluggish blood flow to the brain and dysautonommia ( which always gets worse with immune flares and increased energy use / fatigue) but recently I’m considering a jigsaw piece of autism or specially Aspergers.. At the 2015 eds conference they had a talk on autism and eds, where I promptly turned on my powered chair and whizzed out the room to grab a coffee.. Thinking I had bigger all todo with me… But I read an article yesterday out the blue that gave with the same goose pimples I got when stubbed across eds in 2014… It’s a bit scary to contimplate at 32.. Anyway on another note.. Yes I loved your hands page! Mine look just the same as yours and have done since a kid! Complete with lump from writing…elephant knuckles.. Veins.. Bendy.. Pain ect.. I think it just nice to know your not the only one with interesting hands! I’ve learnt to love them tho!… Also thank you for the fab water bottle in coat on wheelchair idea!! Used it yesterday and was toasty and praising you to my hubby!!!.. Sorry bout the nasty car men.. I sold mine on eBay and got a good price.. I don’t know much about photography but I know my bloke does a lot of night sky stuf and uses photoshop.. I think it’s a normal thing these days isn’t it??? Small town syndrome is a bit hard to bear sometimes!!! Xxxxxx

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  2. Dana Tkach Gault

    Wait, “Losing My Mind” is the portrait that lost out to a dandelion? Friend, you need to find a different club. Don’t let it get under your skin. I once won First Prize for an oil pastel portrait…an expressionist male face. My husband and I walked up to it just as two yahoos were declaring that they couldn’t believe it won and that they could have done better, you know, the usual art “critics”. I promptly introduced myself, shook their hands and and invited them to be present at the award presentation (a fair amount of cash and prizes!) Seriously, the looks on their faces were better than the First Prize! Any insecure wanna-be artist can declare themselves judge and jury and try to boost their own creative insecurities by being less than impartial. Your photo is amazing! Find satisfaction in the knowledge that you provoked fear in
    him with your interpretation of sanity, and don’t let it get you down! I have what you have, and a bunch of other diseases and syndromes, and at 58, I have no patience for nonsense such as your car ordeal and Camera Club diss. There are so many annoying people in the world LOL! Hard to have a thick skin when you’re exhausted and feeling like crap, but we all relate, Jak. Keep up the good work! I found your site just today, and you are a great resource for me. Had my first very serious Mast Cell issue in September, and it really helps to know I’m not alone. Keep on snapping away!


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Dana and for the encouragement with my photos 🙂 Congrats on your art win! Sorry you’re finding yourself in Mast Cell hell but glad you’ve found my blog useful. Jak x


  3. Lindsay

    whaaat? your portrait is amazing!! that shouldn’t get anything less than first. what makes it so incredible is that it IS disturbing – art is supposed to be disturbing!!

    you are incredibly talented. screw that twit.

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    1. Jak Post author

      Ta Linds! I’m still so pissed I didn’t go to camera club last night, which I know is churlish but I can’t help myself 😉 I know judges sometimes get it wrong, but it seems they get it wrong every time the image is in any way “creative” – does my bloody nut in x



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