Weekly roundup

Well, someone obviously thinks my histamine in foods research is a pile of shite as they’ve given me only 2 out of 5 stars on the page 😉  Would have been more helpful if they’d had the courage to say why they think I’m talking out of my arse.  You have to bear in mind I’m just the messenger – none of this information is opinion, it’s the facts as I found them and I’m not sure how one can disagree with fact?

On to other topics.  I am in about week number 6 of a huge histamine outbreak: my butt is covered in hives, my skin and scalp are itching me stupid, my nose is both blocked and runny, I’m sneezing my head off, I’m not sleeping well, my ‘dyslexia’ is off the charts, my reflux is dreadful and causing a cough and I’m generally exhausted.  I wish I could blame it on the crap I consumed over Christmas but it started weeks before that.  Nothing in my life changed, apart from the fact I was doing up my Utility room and simply did wayyyy too much.  I could feel myself getting more and more run-down, MEish and shattered but just kept going – I would have loved to just rest but the DIY fairies are thin on the ground at my house, so I either do stuff or it doesn’t get done.  I knew I was making myself ill, but didn’t realize that 6 weeks on I’d still be in histamine hell.  Bugger it.

My finger surgery was scheduled for 4th Jan but I cancelled.  After 4 months of swelling and a huge hard purple lump on my knuckle it simply disappeared over Christmas like magic!  No clue what on earth that was all about, but I’m grateful 🙂

I’m also grateful I finally have a new cleaner.  Trying to keep both my car and house sparkly for the past few months has nearly flippin killed me.  I don’t think she’s going to be anywhere near as good as the old cleaner, but as long as she does the donkey work I can do the odd bits that she misses!

I was hoping to have some time over Christmas to write a bit more of my book, but the histamine research took over instead.  I’m going to try and make it a priority this year to put my story down on paper.  Even if no-one ever reads it at least I’d know my struggle is documented.  I think it’s important to tell stories like ours of emerging, misunderstood and “rare” diseases – it might not be appreciated now but in years to come when more is known of our illnesses and they are routinely treated, or even cured, people will look back and marvel at what we went through.

My best news of the week is that I won my Camera Club’s annual Millennium Trophy competition for the second year running, so get to retain my silver cup – a fabulous way to start a new year 🙂



7 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Catherine

    You are totally inspiring in much more higher numbers than ten out of ten , including your histamine research .👍🏻👍🏻If the person , people who use there energy to be critical had a REAL clue what your days are like, or what it takes to do research and then stick to the realities of unbiased information they would not be able to have there fingers pushing low figures . The Histamine chefs research and knowledge backs your summary as far as I understand , she interviews the leading authorites on these extremily complex
    and delibating life time conditions .
    Congratulations and hopefully at some point your inspired body will find a slightly more comfortable balance again . Although thats not what our bodies quite know how to produce at all , let alone on some occasions .


    1. Jak Post author

      Y’know Catherine I am having a really really crap day today, both health-wise and emotionally, so to receive a lovely comment like that was just wonderful. Thank you so much 🙂 Jak x


  2. Livvy_sheep

    Hey Jak,

    Pls don’t Java crap day! ( like I know we have any choice about it!) … No but honestly I know it bloody shitty some days but just to say you should be so proud of all you achieve. Sending a hug xx Livvy xx


  3. Ripley

    I have appreciated the work you have done. I see one of the top allergists and immunologists in the U.S. and he has not given me any ‘magic, all-inclusive’ list. I shared with him recently a great app that some of you may already know about –
    The app Food Intolerances could be interesting for you. Baliza food intolerance app has settings for multiple sensitivities to a wide variety of foods, additives, histamine and dao settings for searching the food list, etc. I downloaded it when I was first diagnosed and it has been a tremendous help.
    It has an icon with a strawberry on the icon tile.
    It is available for iOS and Android
    iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: Download on iTunes- search term ‘ baliza food intolerances’
    Android: Download in the Play Store
    Search term ‘baliza food intolerances’
    On youtube you can watch a short video about
    the app.
    Sensitivity can be set from low to high for salicylates, etc. cross-sensitivity is also a useful feature. I believe it is a German based company.
    Best regards and congrats on the photo prize!


    1. Jak Post author

      Thank you! I’ve been trying to write a book for years now – it’s almost impossible with everything I have to do in a day to find the energy, time or mental resources. I miss my brain! x

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