The Truth About Histamine in Foods

As regular readers know, for several weeks (it feels like forever!) I’ve been trying to work out the accuracy of the Low Histamine Food Lists found online.  What I discovered was really shocking.  The fact is, there is virtually no reliable data on which to base any kind of Amine-related food list and it appears that most lists are based on hunches, speculation or research so old the authors are dead.  It may turn out that these hunches are absolutely accurate: nutmeg really is high in histamine and so are pumpkins.  Or it might turn out that we’ve all been avoiding these foods for absolutely no good reason.

The whole subject of histamine is really quite complex.  What started out as a single article turned into an entirely new section of my blog called ‘Low Histamine Food Info’ which contains several new pages – just hover over the tab in the menu and you will see the pages listed.

If you’re feeling lazy and want direct links to the new pages here you go:

Please Read This First!

What is Histamine?

Diet & Histamine Intolerance

Diet & Mast Cell Disease

Histamine & Food: The Evidence

Histamine & Drugs (which is still being written, bear with me I’ll let you know when it’s available)

These pages are then followed by the existing Low Histamine Food List and Low Histamine Shopping List pages which remain largely unchanged.

I stress that the information in this new section isn’t exhaustive – there are a couple of companies which test for amines in food which I don’t have access to (although I question their accuracy) so I’ve only looked at free research which can be found online.  It is also only a personal interpretation of the data and I don’t claim to be any kind of expert at deciphering statistical analysis.  I’m just a sick girl, lying in my bed going round in circles trying to work out what any of this stuff means 😉

So, my friends, knock yourself out and have a read.  I’ll be interested to hear what you think and if you can add anything to the information please do let me know.


3 thoughts on “The Truth About Histamine in Foods

  1. Ginger

    Did you use the SIGHI food list in your research and if so, how did that one compare? That is the main list that I have been using since developing MCAS and it rates all foods from 0-3 (for both containing or liberating histamine.) I was curious re: your thoughts on this list.


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks for your question Ginger. I didn’t use any food list – I looked at actual food testing, which is the table listing foods in mg/kg I produced.

      The SIGHI list online states it bases its information on a mixture of research and patient input, though links to the research aren’t available on their website as far as I could find – maybe its listed in their cookbook which I don’t have? In fact none of the popular food lists state the testing methods or research their lists are based on as far as I could tell which makes it impossible to know how accurate they are or what any of their information is based on.

      Jak x

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