Weekly Roundup

I have had such a busy week and, now my period has arrived I feel half dead.

I am having another 2 week staycation over the holidays, so have been cooking like Jamie Oliver on speed to fill up my freezer so that I can have a break from making meals over Christmas. If I do need surgery to remove my ovarian cyst and it’s going to be several weeks before I can lift so much as a pan I’ve decided to buy a large freezer to go in my outside shed and stock it up before I go into hospital – it’ll be cheaper than hiring a home carer to cook for me every day!

I’ve already received my initial appointment for gynaecology – it’s on 30th December.  I knew I’d be seen quickly as non-functional cysts can be cancerous and any case of suspected cancer is always seen within 2 weeks, but I still didn’t think it would be over Christmas.  I’m now worried when I wasn’t before!

I had a nice night on Weds as it was my Camera Club Christmas social.  We all had to take some food for a buffet, which was great as I could make food I knew I could eat and just stick to that without fear I’d eat something I shouldn’t and pass out.  No club now for a couple of weeks and I’ll miss it.

Had a bit of a shock today.  My Dad was bitten by a dog 😦  Every Christmas the Lion’s Club of Great Britain charity collect Christmas cards in boxes around town and deliver them for half the price a stamp would cost, and my Dad is a Lions volunteer.  He entered a garden this afternoon to put some cards through a letter box and was attacked by a large lurcher-type dog who bit his arm and punctured the skin.  My Mum made him go up to A&E, where the wound was dressed and he was given a prophylactic course of antibiotics (luckily his tetanus is up to date).  He’s filling in some forms tomorrow at the Lion’s  Club who will then inform the police as new laws were introduced in 2014 which made dog attacks on private premises illegal to protect people like posties and delivery men.

As I said in my last post, my tiny Utility room is now finished hurrrah!  Thought you might like to see the before and after shots – it’s very girlie and country cottagey, but then I am a girl and it is a country cottage, so that’s OK then 😉

Getting all the old tiles off the sink and back walls was a nightmare and trying to find a suitable top to put back on the sink took several weeks, but I’m chuffed with the marble:

If I’m being honest, the entire room needs to be gutted and started from scratch but I’m too ill to do it myself and can’t afford to get anyone in to do it, so it’ll have to stay like this until I either die or sell up!

I don’t know if any of you remember, but last Christmas I had a knock on the door and some guy I’d briefly chatted to while out walking my dog was stood on the doorstep.  He was there to ask me out!  I have zero romantic feelings for him and to make matters worse he’s an energy vampire – the man can talk, and talk, and talk, and talk some more.  Ten minutes in his company and I’m on the verge of collapse, so I politely explained I wasn’t well and wasn’t up to dating anyone.  To cut a long story short a year later he’s still trying.  I’m now at the point where I want to just tell him to get lost.  Why don’t men understand that if a girl is interested she would crawl over hot coals to date them.  If she says no, repeatedly, then she’d probably rather crawl over hot coals than date them 😉  This happens to me a fair bit – men get obsessed with me and won’t give up.  What they don’t understand is that they like the idea they have of me in their heads – my actual self, and the way I have to live, would have them running for the hills!

Looking forward to meeting my best mate Sunday afternoon for lunch out at a combined veggie/gluten-free cafe.  After slaving over a hot stove for days on end it’ll be gorgeous to have someone else make me a meal for a change 🙂


11 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Glo

    The room looks great! I have an old house that’s been a work in progress for close to 30 years. The time and energy to do this type of work is huge. I have some things done such as electrical bit try to do the rest on my own. It’s so satisfying when it’s done though and you did such a great job. Congrats!

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  2. Teri

    Your room is wonderful! So fresh & clean looking! I’m amazed at what you are able to accomplish. My son moved out years ago & I’m still trying to get his room update done. Baby steps at the speed of molasses -lol.

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  3. kneillbc

    Love the room!- the vanity counter especially. It looks very clean and modern- looks like you did more than a facelift- a lot of bang for your energy. You need a new loo seat though, or paint it white, it doesn’t fit at all…

    I’m so sorry to hear that your dad got bit! Will it be likely the dog is put down? Here, generally, if the dog attacks in their own yard, the owners are given a warning first. If they’re out in public- then they are usually put down. It’s sort of determined on a case by case basis, based on likelyhood the it would happen again. I bet he had some choice words about karma!!!

    Don’t rule out dating altogether! Not that I’m suggesting you date the current one who is interested, but you never know. Maybe you meet some fellow mastie who is a gourmet cook….has the same sensitivities as you, is massively independently wealthy, and loves you deeply. There could be worse things….;-)

    Have a lovely Christmas, Jak. Mine will depend on whether I get saline before then. I’m having daily anaphylaxis, I’m very hesitant to wait too long with it, as my local ER is still off limits for me. If I had to go to hospital- I’m going to have to go over to the Island again. Still through the looking glass, but some things are starting to be sorted out.

    Happy Christmas!



    1. Jak Post author

      Very observant re the loo Karen LOL! The seat I wanted wasn’t in stock so it’s on order 😉

      The police here are very good about dog attacks. They always ask the victim what *they* want to happen before they contact the owner. My Dad doesn’t want the dogs destroyed – they are just guarding their territory – it’s the owner who is at fault for not keeping them fenced off from the front door if they are left wandering around the garden, or keeping them muzzled. The police will visit the owner in the next few days and tell my Dad what happened.

      If you find the guy you’ve described do let me know – I only ever find beef chomping, ruddy cheeked farmers who want to marry their mothers only be able to have sex with them 😉 To be fair most of them are wealthy enough, but so tight they don’t actually spend anything!

      So sorry to hear you’re still struggling to get treatment and health care staff who understand 😦 I’m dreading my op to be honest, only because of trying to explain my drug issues to people who are clueless and think I’m making it up :-/

      Here’s hoping for a better 2016 for both of us. Jak x

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  4. Jen

    Your made over room looks fantastic–well done! Sending positive thoughts your way & hoping you get all your questions answered at your appointment. Wishing you a happy Christmas!


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks for your concern d. I’m unaffected thankfully, but still affected in minor ways. Several major bridges are closed/condemned so lots of diversions in place, which is a nightmare and the roads are pot hole strewn and ankle deep in mud. All my usual walks with Bertie and my scooter are inaccessible due to mud/sodden ground and even walking on the roads the dog comes back *filthy* :-/ I still can’t book a Tesco grocery delivery for the whole of January, which is a pain in the neck 😦 But it could be worse – there were some poor souls air lifted to safety in York city centre yesterday!



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