Website Update

When I first started blogging 2½ years ago I thought only half a dozen people would even be able to find my site on Google, let alone read it.  Half a million visitors later and it’s all gotten a teensy bit bigger than I could ever have imagined!

As I’ve gone along I’ve added recipes and information and various bits and bobs which has resulted in the blog being a bit disorganized.  I’m a Virgo and clutter makes me nervous, consequently I’m going to tidy the website up a bit in the next few days.

As you can already see, the menus have now changed so I apologise that some old links to posts might not be working.  And if you’ve bookmarked some pages they might have also changed, but regular blog posts remain unaffected.  As the website is quite big it’ll take me a little while to sort all the changes out and check existing links are working – please bear with me.

Over Christmas I’m hoping to add a new page on all things histamine – I’ll let you know when it’s ready.


5 thoughts on “Website Update

  1. k.briann

    do you have any tips for those with histamine intolerance? I have the genes that predispose me and I am healing my gut. It definitely helps to eat low histamine but it’s not healthy long term in my opinion. I have been taking histamine x from seeking health which seems to help but some days it is out of control. I’m soooo itchy.


    1. Jak Post author


      Do you have a definite diagnosis of HIT? Have you had Mast Cell Disease ruled out?

      I’m not sure why being on a low histamine diet long term would be unhealthy? You shouldn’t stay on the very strict Elimination phase of the diet for more than 4-6 months and should re-introduce foods one by one to see how you react.



      1. k.briann

        Hi thanks for responding! I have an obvious histamine intolerance but no I have not had mast cell disease ruled out? What does that entail? For me personally I think it is unhealthy because I am already vegan and gluten free. So eliminating high histamine foods long term would just be too much. I have reintroduced a few and tolerated okay but most are not tolerated well 😦 . I think a lot of my case may have to do with my gut dysbiosis which I am working on with my natural doctors. I do have the DAO and HNMT “mutations” which doesn’t help.


        1. Jak Post author

          My blog has some brief information on mast cell disease here and here I have tested positive for both Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Disorder, so it’s possible to have both unfortunately.

          Lots of people do gluten-free, dairy-free and low histamine and do it very healthily, so there’s hope for you! Have you seen the Low Histamine Chef’s website who has several gluten-free/dairy-free/low histamine/anti-inflammatory cookbooks for sale?

          Jak x

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