Weekly roundup

Obviously my news of the week is my discovery I have a cyst.  It was a shock and something I really didn’t need, but it sure explains a lot.  I’ve been putting my urinary frequency down to my MCAD and EDS, my lower right abdominal pain (which I thought was bowel related) down to my EDS, my horrendous ovulation and period pain down to MCAD, my constant nausea down to my EDS, my increasing heartburn down to both MCAD and EDS, my groin pain down to my EDS………..when all along much of it could be down to the cyst.  I’m not saying it’s all cyst-related, but I’m sure a large mass pressing on nearby organs and nerves won’t have been helping the situation one iota.  I just want to crack on now and see the gynae for more information, though I’m sure it won’t be til the new year.  Just one word of warning – don’t do a search for “large ovarian cyst” on Google Images.  Yeugh!!!

Other than that my week has been dominated by the floods.  While I thankfully haven’t personally been affected, everyone who lives in Cumbria has felt the impact.  There are still 15 bridges closed which means long diversions through mud and rock strewn country lanes packed with traffic and lots of time sitting in queues waiting patiently to get where you want to be.  As you saw from the photo on a previous post, Tesco supermarket was under four foot of water so of course there was no home delivery service this week.  Eeeekkk!!  It’s been about 14 years since I last visited a supermarket to do an entire week’s shop, but when you eat a 95% fresh diet you have to re-stock regularly and being as though the contents of my fridge looked like this on Friday it was either brave the store or starve to death:

OMG the stress.  I was nearly run over in the car park.  There were 5 types of trollies to choose from and the one I ended up with was possessed.  There were, like, other people there who were really annoying.  I discovered supermarket shelves were designed for giants and I nearly dislocated my right shoulder trying to reach for a carton of organic milk.  I walked 5 miles trying to find a bottle of mineral water (which you would think would be in the drinks aisle, but wasn’t).  I had to queue!  The checkout operator was obviously trying to win a prize for being the slowest product scanner in the known universe.  I nearly dislocated my left shoulder taking my bags out of the trolley and putting them into the car boot.  And then I got drenched taking them out of the car boot and into the house.  Why would anyone do that every week?!  I usually do my grocery shopping in my pjs, in my snuggly warm bed, it takes 8 minutes flat and is carried into my kitchen the next morning by a friendly driver.  I do hope Tesco start delivering again toute suite!

I saw the small hand surgeon re my knuckle and he agrees that there’s probably something tiny stuck in there and the lump which has formed is scar tissue.  I’m booked in for surgery on 4th Jan.  I can’t believe we’re not even in 2016 yet and I’m already facing two operations.  The finger one is just minor though and should be all done in an hour.

Having been persuaded to keep entering my Camera Club competitions, I won the beginners Monochrome one this week with a photo taken at my local rugby club.  You are allowed to enter two images per competition and I also got 3rd place with my ‘Bird in the Hand’ shot.  According to the judge, the bird one was initially 1st but then he noticed a couple of minor technical faults so it got downgraded.  The good news is I can now rectify the faults and enter it in a north of England competition next year.

In case you were wondering, the bird is a wild Coal Tit and the hand belongs to a Gamekeeper.  He’s now 84 years old and has worked on the same estate for over 40 years.  He places peanuts in his palm, whistles, and all the wild birds flock to him – it’s magical and like something out of a Disney movie 🙂  I’ve printed the picture off, framed it and am taking it to give to him as a gift today.

Y’know, lots of people ask me what I do being stuck at home all the time on my own.  “Aren’t you bored?”  Are you freakin kidding me?!!!! 😉


5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. Jak Post author

      I don’t know why everyone wants to stop the aging process and look forever young. Aged skin, which has seen life, is stunningly beautiful I agree d x



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