Weekly roundup

My laptop is back, hurrahhhh!  It was quite nice having a week long technology break, but I’m ashamed to admit that by day number 5 I was having withdrawal symptoms and feeling really isolated which probably makes me one sad individual 😉 .  Anyhoo, I now have a new, upgraded hard drive and resource-heavy programmes that were really struggling, like Photoshop and Publisher, are now not freezing every five minutes and I’m spending a lot less time swearing and threatening my machine with grievous bodily harm.  I have loads of mail and stuff to catch up on, so apologies to anyone waiting for a reply from me – I’m not ignoring you and will be in touch soon.

A fair bit has happened since my last Weekly Roundup.  I wasn’t happy with the Doctor’s opinion on my gammy knuckly as outlined in this post, so decided to see someone else.  I’m still 99% sure it’s plant thorn synovitis but when I mention it there’s a deafening silence, probably because none of the GPs have heard of it, and the second doctor I saw was no better.  However her husband, also a GP, apparently does small hand surgery so she’s booked me in to see him this morning for a third opinion and I’m going to push for the plant thorn synovitis diagnosis and proper treatment.  Whatever, I’ll need surgery on the finger so that’s something to look forward to……not.  I can’t believe a minute of staking a plant in my garden has led to all this carry on.

Image of plant thorn synovitis?
I’ve also created a huge hoo ha at my Camera Club.  I entered two images in the last  beginner’s competition and they both bombed, which is fine if they’d been beaten by better images but the images that won were, IMHO, no-where near as good.  I’ll let you decide what you think (the images have been compressed so will look a bit blurred, they were all sharp in real life I promise):

Winning image, 20/20

Winning image, 20/20

My image, 14/20

My image, 14/20

My image 13/20

My image 13/20







How can a wren which is hidden by blurry branches beat this Oystercatcher in flight, which btw took me 3 years and about 2000 images to capture?  And no, the judge isn’t biased as they come from outside camera clubs and don’t know which image belongs to who.  I was so disheartened I told our club secretary I wasn’t entering any further competitions and he graciously came round to my house to talk to me about the situation.  He judges at other camera clubs, so talked to me from a judge’s perspective which helped but still didn’t convince me to keep at it!

The following week there was a competition involving all 8 of the camera clubs in my county, and my paintballing picture above was entered.  There are no beginners, intermediate or advanced sections in this competition, all images are judged equally and this time my picture scored 17/20 beating all the other images entered by my camera club including the advanced photographers!  My head was spinning – how can one judge think my picture is shit and another think it should come 4th in a county-wide contest?!

To cut a protracted story short I have decided to continue with the competitions and if my pictures do badly then they do badly.  I won’t enter images just to win – I’ll take the pictures I like and if no-one else likes them then too bad.

I still haven’t finished decorating my tiny Utility (laundry) room.  I’m way overdoing it by attempting to paint it myself anyway and now every joint in my body hurts plus I’m exhausted, fluey and achy.  I will get the bloody thing done however – I have not lived 21 years on my own with chronic illness by sitting on my arse playing the victim.  Plus, it’s going to look really pretty even if no-one but me likes my pink accessories 😉

On Friday last week I had the moulds done for my custom-made shoe insoles – it’s only taken 3 months.  And they used a foam box, when I thought they’d use plaster of paris.  And he just told me to plonk my feet in, not guiding them into the correct position.  And he thought my arches were too high, so flattened the mould with his hand – how exactly is that going to make it a custom fit?!  My fucking Orthotics department are useless.  I now have to wait at least 6 weeks for the insoles, though I did insist on a soft pair with as much shock absorption as it humanly possible.  I also wanted 3 pairs: one for wellies, one for boots/shoes and one for slippers.  I was told I can only have 1 free pair per year, so offered to pay for the other two which totally threw the technician who said I can still only have 1 pair per year.  What shagging good is that to anyone – I’m going to have to struggle to take the insoles in and out of my boots, shoes and slippers 10 bloody times a day which will do my head in.

Shit, it’s 10 o’clock and I’m still in bed in my pjs – I need to be up, dressed and drive the 7 miles into town by 10.30am for my knuckle appointment so I’d better crack on – wish me luck.





4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. kneillbc

    I love that paintball picture! Love!!

    Um- you’re painting walls???? Please tell me you bought low VOC paint, without latex. I used to get SO sick when I smelled paint. Then I discovered an allergy to latex. I only use low VOC acrylic paint in my house now. It is pricier, but I find it has better coverage, and I can use it without feeling like I want to die the next day. Haven’t been exposed to paint in the last couple of years. I don’t even want to know what it would do to me at my current level of flare….

    Hope you get that knuckle sorted…

    Sorry to hear about the orthotics. Remember the discussion we had at the time? I have lovely new orthotics, but they don’t fit into a single pair of my shoes. I lived in my Birkenstocks all summer, but they really aren’t great footwear when you are getting 70 mm (2.5″) of rain in a day…. The one thing you can’t buy online—-shoes that you know will work with your orthotics. 😜


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    1. Jak Post author

      Hi Karen

      It’s weird, but when my ME was really bad I reacted to chemicals of all varieties and my previous house was all painted in organic, chemical free paint. Now my ME is much better I don’t react to chemicals at *all* – no problems with perfumes, bleach, hairspray etc so paint doesn’t bother me one bit. Which is great, because as you say the chemical free paint is treble the price of regular paint and I simply can’t afford it.

      The only things I react to are foods and drugs which I ingest – I luckily have no other issues and can even tolerate topical painkillers like rub in gels and local anaesthetics OK. I also have no problems with creams I rub on my skin, eg moisturizer, or anything like that.

      My current shoe insoles are quite thick, so I now buy my shoes a size bigger and get extra wide fitting which seems to work for me. It makes shoe buying much more limited but, like you say, orthotics just won’t fit in regular sized shoes.

      Jak x


  2. Elizabeth Milo

    Good luck with the knuckle! What a saga. None of it can just be straight forward, can it? One of these days, I have to think about orthotics..I just shuffle around in soft slippers all day and my back and legs are killing me. X



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