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Fanfare please!!!  I know I’ve been promising a couple of new recipes for months (and months) and if you’d all been waiting for them you would have starved to death, but I’ve just been too busy to faff about in the kitchen.  I’d love more time and energy to experiment with cooking but, living on my own and taking care of my parents (and the dog), means there simply aren’t enough hours in the day or energy spoons in the drawer to do all the things I’d like.  Such is life.

I’ve only managed two lunch recipes, a supper recipe and a side-dish recipe but it’s the best I can do at the moment.  As with all my recipes there will be ingredients some of my readers react badly to, but hopefully you can use them as a spring board and tailor them to suit your own needs.

Mushroom pate:
I use mushrooms a lot in my recipes as they’re a good meaty texture and strong flavour, so apologies if you can’t tolerate them.  This pate is great on toast, crackers or freshly made tear ‘n share bread (shown in the photo below) and freezes well.

Low histamine mushroom pate recipe

Veg Topped Toastie:
My next offering is the closest I can get to a melt.  I used to love tuna melt panninis – proper bread and tinned fish, oh how I miss you 😉  This is a roasted veg melt on yeast-free toast, with a sprinkling of sweet chilli sauce but you could use whatever topping you fancy.  Both these recipes available in the Lunches Section of the recipe page and the Chilli Sauce in the Jams & Sauces Section.

Low histamine roasted vegetable and mozarella melt recipe

Nut Roast:
My supper dish is a nut roast.  My version of a low histamine diet allows nuts, but I know some people react to them.  I found I don’t do very well with cashews, but can eat other types of nuts (peanuts, macadamia, hazelnuts, pine nuts) without any problems, so if you’ve had issues with nuts it might simply be worth trying a different variety.  This recipe is a bit lengthy but the result is tasty and, as a vegetarian, means I can sit down to a Sunday lunch with all the trimmings.  Nut Roast is also often served to vegetarians on Christmas Day.  The roast below is shown with roast potatoes, honey roasted parsnips & carrots, and home-made gravy.  Recipe in the Mains Section of the recipe page and the gravy recipe is in the Jams & Sauces section.

Low histamine nut roast recipe

Caramelized Red Onions
And last but not least I’ve added a recipe for caramelized red onions to the Miscellaneous Section of the recipe page.  They’re nice with burgers, the above nut roast, to accompany Quorn pasties, with Felafels or with cooked meat if you’re that way inclined 😉  Sorry I have no photo to show you, I simply forgot to take one – if I had a working memory I’d be deadly!


6 thoughts on “New Recipes

  1. d

    Thanks for these – always great to have at least a jumping off point for recipes. Also thanks about the note re: nuts. I am able to eat peanut butter again (the plain stuff of course, just peanuts) and I recently tried macadamia nuts with no immediate strong reaction. I will have to try some more and some other varieties too. The nut loaf sounds delicious.

    I was looking for some recipe ideas on line and found an interesting one for Aloo Paratha (a potato stuffed flatbread – Indian) and carrot pie (apparently similar to pumpkin but easier to make and of course low histamine). Both recipes call for spices that are not allowed with low histamine but you know, put in what you like. Here are the food blogs: RecipeTin Eats for Aloo Paratha and Crafty Cooking Mama for the carrot pie (this version uses cream instead of condensed milk, I always look for recipes with the least altered ingredients).



    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks for the links d – too exhausted to check them out atm, but will definitely have a look when I can. Lovely that someone has shared recipes with me as no-one ever does! Jak x


      1. d

        I made the Aloo Paratha the other day. It’s very easy, although I do recommend having the photos nearby the first time you are folding and rolling them. The recipe makes 4 good-sized (e.g. a meal) stuffed flatbreads. They also freeze nicely, although not crispy once reheated in the microwave, which I am ok with. Would make a good addition to the “too tired or too busy to cook” list of foods. This is about as close to fast food as I get : ) Hope you’re feeling better soon.


        Liked by 1 person

  2. d

    Hi Jak

    One more that you may want to try… homemade ricotta. My understanding of cheese like products is curdled is ok, fermented is not. This is curdled with some lemon juice. I am not someone who likes fiddly recipes but this seems pretty straightforward. You can find it on the Smitten Kitchen blog: Rich Homemade Ricotta. I plan to try it soon and fingers crossed I tolerate it! : )




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