Weekly roundup

Which should actually be called fortnightly roundup being as though I didn’t get round to doing a post last weekend 😉

The past 2 weeks my energy has been remarkably good.  Really.  It’s been gorgeous to actually be able to do things and not feel like I’ve been hit by an express train.  It hasn’t lasted, because my period is due any second, but boy did I make the most of it while it was there.

The weather has been fabulous for Autumn so I’ve abandoned any jobs which needed doing in the house and have been pottering around with Bert and my camera most afternoons.  My Dad and I went to a local beauty spot I hadn’t visited before as it’s a half hour drive away and he walked Bertie for 2 hours while I sat and took photos which was lovely.  Autumn is probably my favourite time of year and you can’t beat the spectacular skies we often see here in the North of England.

Of course, all this walking around has played absolute bloody havoc with my knees and hips and I’ve spent the last 3 days on crutches and with both knee supports on, but what’s a little burning pain and stiffness between friends? 😉

Last Saturday night my Uncle and Aunt were over from Australia for a week, so Mum arranged a family get together which I was able to attend.  Mum and I left at 9.30pm but at least I got there and showed a face.

The highlight of last week was that I won our first Camera Club competition of the year with my Buzzard photo (shown in my last roundup post).   I was tickled pink 🙂

It’s been 2 months since my Podiatrist referred me to Orthotics to have some moulded insoles made and I’d heard diddly squat, so I chased the appointment up.  They simply have a massive  backlog and will get to me when they can.  Fairy nuff.

As you all know, I’m not really the gushy type and live surrounded by farmers.  Much as I like some of Liz Gilbert’s posts all this “my dearest darling one” and the current fad to call people “hun” and “lovely” irritates the life out of me, bearing in mind we don’t know each other.  I’m British, it’s just too………..forward.  I’m also not one to count my blessings.  Yes, I have them and I’m aware of them but I also deal with ten tons of shite on a daily basis.  I am not delighted with all the lessons being ill for decades has taught me – I’d rather have been well and in blissful ignorance.  There was a picture doing the rounds on Facebook this week which I thought was hilarious and sums up how I feel about all the inspirational be-happy-through-adversity bollocks which plops into my news feed with monotonous regularity:

I’m aware I have put zero recipes up on the site in recent months for which I apologise.  I do have a lunch and dinner one ready, but just need to make them both and do some photos before I gobble them up, which is easier said than done when you’re starving hungry 😉  I promise to try harder.


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