Weekly roundup

On Weds I had my appointment with Mum’s GP about her drinking.  She agrees with me that there’s nothing much we can do if Mum doesn’t want to change.  We did decide, however, that being as though she hasn’t seen Mum for more than 12 months I should suggest that Mum makes an appointment for a general check-up and the GP will subtly ask about her alcohol intake.  Obviously Mum is going to lie, so I’ll go in with her as I usually do and say “well, actually Mum you do have at least 3 drinks per day” which is the doctor’s cue to discuss the effects of drinking with her medication.  I’m then going to make an excuse to leave (which is easy, I can say “while you’re chatting with the doctor I’m just going to go and check my podiatry appointment”) so that they can talk without me there, as I’m sure Mum won’t be open about the situation in front of me whereas she might be more honest with the GP.  It’s a gamble and might not work, but it’s all we could think of to do at this stage.

While I was there (it takes about 6 weeks to get an appointment with my own GP) I asked about a referral to the Rheumatologist about my EDS.  I haven’t seen anyone since I was diagnosed 5 years ago, yet my condition has deteriorated markedly.  I’d like to know exactly what’s going on with my pelvis/hips/knees and spine considering I’ve recently subluxed a rib for no apparent reason.  Don’t know if the local rheumy will be able to help (he has some knowledge of EDS but I’m not sure how much) but I can only try.  I was diagnosed by Dr Ho in Manchester but it’s 100 miles away and my local health authority won’t fund an out of county referral if I can see someone locally.

My reflux is still barely under control and I have wicked stomach pains right throughout my digestive tract every second of the day, so I also asked for a referral to Gastroenterology.  My GP was reluctant, though, and suggested I try yet another drug for my GERD first.  What’s the bloody point?  I won’t be able to tolerate it and it won’t help my GI pain one iota *sigh*.

Also on Wednesday I went through to the hospital to be fitted with my new bite guard.  It’s snaps over my back molars using a metal spring clip, and the bite guard is made of hard plastic.  Eugh and double eugh!  I think I’d rather risk jaw pain than risk the metal clip damaging my already fragile teeth and I can’t see me using it.   I find this with just about everything I try – it might solve one problem but leads to a whole other problem and is generally not worth the aggro.

Other than that my energy has been quite ‘good’ and I’ve managed to get through the list of jobs my Mum had made while I was away on my stay-cation.  I’ve found her a replacement cleaner after the last one quit so that’s a relief, though I still haven’t got one for my own home consequently I’m living in a bit of a pig sty.  Ah, it’s only muck and a bit of muck never hurt anyone 😉

My exciting news of the week is that my Camera Club are holding an exhibition in our local library and two of my prints are included 🙂



4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. d


    Good luck with your mom’s appointment. It must be so frustrating watching her decline in this way, especially when you are so close. I hope she is willing to hear what you and the doctor are saying. I am always amazed at how you handle your illnesses – you have a strength that is like iron at your core. Hopefully your mom can find hers as well. It’s terrible to live with a chronic illness and also to know that you are terminal. It would understandably send most people reeling, but hopefully you and your Dad can pull her back from that darkness, and she can find some hope and joy in her life. Sending positive thoughts your way this week.

    Beautiful photos… although the chemically sensitive side of me is cringing at all that paint dust… what the body can tolerate! : )

    I hope you get some answers and hopefully some relief from your medical appointments.


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks for such a lovely comment d 🙂 It’s hard not to get frustrated with my Mum. Both her sisters died from cancer and if they were still alive they’d be enjoying every second of living. Mum just seems to have given up instead of making the most of every day. But then she’s been depressed really my whole life and I just have to accept that’s how she is and bite my tongue.

      You made me LOL with the paint! You could hardly breathe for the stuff at times. Yes, you can wash your hair and clothes but you can’t wash your lungs out!!



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