Weekly roundup

We have had an absolutely dismal summer here in the north of England.  It’s now nearly the end of August, I have not had my shorts on once and I have only had my central heating off for 10 days in the past year. The upside is that I’ve saved myself money not having to buy sun-screen.  The downside is that I might need to rob a bank to pay for my gas bill.

For some years now my legs have been boiling hot at night and the more hot they become the more they ‘jump’ (in other words, give me restless leg syndrome).  Some nights they drive me insane and sleep becomes impossible.  The only relief I’ve found is to get them cold, so I wrap 2 gel packs from the freezer inside a pair of socks and tie them round my tootsies.  Ahhhh, sweet relief.  Why does no-one make socks that contain pockets for ice packs?  They’d make a killing.

Photo of hot feet
My 9 months of Greater Trochanteric Bursitis (or hip pain to you and me) might have settled down somewhat, though is by no means ‘better’, but I’ve now started with knee pain.  It’s on the inside of both knees and feels like burning ligament strain.  I made an appointment to see my local podiatrist, who has referred me to Orthotics to have some custom insoles for my shoes made as my current off-the-peg insoles no longer seem to be working to keep my feet in a neutral position, but I want to know what’s actually going on with my legs.  No-one I see seems to be able to tell me.  So in desperation I found a private biomechanical clinic in a nearby city who deal mainly with professional athletes and dancers and have made an appointment to go and see them.  They offer a scan of your gait, ie how you walk, so I’m hoping this might shed some light on what my joints are doing as I move.  They also make their own braces, custom made for the client, which is what I feel I need.  My initial appointment is next week so I’ll keep you posted.

It was encouraging, this week, to see mast cell disease featured in the UK national press, see the article here.  Chloe has Enteric Mastocytosis, but also has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and POTS.  It’s common to see EDS and Mast Cell Activation Disorder together, but EDS and Mastocytosis together appears to be much more rare.  I was particularly fascinated to see Chloe had worn a particular necklace for years, then suddenly become allergic to it.  That’s what happens with me and drugs.  I took paracetomol (tylenol) all my life until I was 40 then …….. BAM!…….had anaphylaxis to it.  Doctors find this almost impossible to get their heads round.  They think if you haven’t reacted to a drug in the past it’s “safe”.  Dream on!  I can also relate to her feelings giving her a mast cell reaction.  If I get stressed or upset I break out in hives all over my torso and am ill and exhausted for days afterwards, which is why I won’t tolerate shitty comments or arguments here on my blog.

I’ve just finished watching Teen Mom OG and now Teen Mom2 is back on British TV.  It’s my guilty pleasure and I’ve watched it since 16 & pregnant.  My other guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives, though I limit myself to Orange County, Beverly Hills and Miami.  Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone 😉  The housewives just goes to show that money doesn’t make you happy, but at least you’re miserable in comfort and don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your heating bills!




2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Zebby

    Interested to hear how the appointment at the biomechanical clinic goes, I hope it sheds some light on things for you. P.S. you should definitely consider adding in New York City! 😉

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  2. Elizabeth Milo

    Seemingly overnight I became allergic to my engagement ring which I’d worn for years (it was my grandmother’s and I loved wearing something of hers). I also suddenly couldn’t breathe when I took Solpadeine, which I’d taken all my life and hydrocodone, which I’d taken for my neck for years. I can’t believe that doctors can’t believe this! Immune systems go awry, of course these things can happen.

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