Weekly roundup

You must be sick of hearing me say it, but my life seems like a run away train at the moment.  Caring for my parents feels like a full time job some days, even though they try to ask me to do as little as possible because they know I’m sick, bless them.  This week I’ve organized new doors to be fitted throughout their apartment, which now need painting.  I’ve arranged for Mum’s stair lift to be looked at as it had broken down, and then put a complaint together to the company.  I’ve also put a complaint in to the insurance company who didn’t mend their washing machine, even though they’ve paid on their policy for the past 10 years.  I’ve looked at their shower door which isn’t closing properly and contacted the manufacturer to sort that out.  I’ve bought and written 4 birthday cards and posted those.  And organized for a different electricity tariff which is cheaper than the one they’re on now.  Consequently I have done bugger all in my own house and am now out of clean undies having not had the time or energy to do any laundry 😉

Wednesday was my dog Bertie’s birthday.  He was seven.  I adopted him when he was 2½ and can’t believe where the last 4 years have gone!  He had a lovely day: walks, tummy rubs, toys, extra food rations and was so shattered by 6pm he couldn’t wait to get on the bed for a kip 😉

Photo of Miniature Schnauzer having a car ride
Yesterday was both my step-Dad and my step-Niece’s birthdays.  My niece was 18 and I was invited to her party last night but didn’t go – it’s all too much with the noise and bright lighting and the need to be perky and join in.  It would have floored me for a week and, let’s face it, my niece wouldn’t even notice I wasn’t there as she’d be having so much fun with all her friends.  I still feel guilty about turning down important events like these, but my health comes first because I’m the one who has to live with the consequences.  I am, however, taking my Dad out for lunch today so am looking forward to that.

I had a worrying brain fog event on Thursday.  I had to go into town for some shopping, then couldn’t remember where I’d parked the car.  I usually laugh off all the dippy things I do, but something like that is scary whichever way you look at it.

I have a new hair do 🙂  As I wear my wigs all day every day they only really last about 8-10 months before needing to be replaced.  I really liked the pixie style I had last, but unfortunately that wig has been discontinued to I had to choose another one.  I’ve gone for Raquel Welch again as her wigs are so realistic looking, but this time an asymmetrical style: short over the ear one side and a very short bob on the other.  I really like it and will post a picture if I ever find time to take one!

Toni Bernhard posted a very pertinent article on her blog today which I wanted to share.  She’s much more magnanimous about the ‘advice’ offered to the chronically sick – I just want to scream and tell people to shove it where the sun don’t shine! 😉  Nothing I eat, or don’t eat, is going to cure me people, get over it – I have.





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