Weekly Roundup

So, last week I was in agony with a subluxed rib and not able to even wipe my bum, and this week there is not so much as a twinge of pain.  Brilliant.  But weird.  The acute pain from the rib slippage lasted 3 days, then I woke Wednesday morning and everything was fine.  The rib had obviously gone back where it was supposed to without any intervention from me for which I am hugely thankful.  I’ve never had an injury which has resolved like that before and found it all a bit odd.  But good.  Definitely good 🙂

I was discussing it with my friend and realized that I never report these injuries to my GP.  I can’t see the point because all she could do is prescribe painkillers which I can’t take.  However, this lack of reporting and only ever going to see my Doctor when I need an annual sick note for my insurance company means that my medical notes don’t reflect my illness experience.  Welfare Benefits have become stupidly hard to obtain here in the UK in recent years and if someone were to write to my GP asking her to back-up my claim for disability benefits she’d have nothing to go on – it must look like I never have a days sickness in my life!  So I’ve decided that when anything substantial happens I’m informing my GP.  I won’t make an appointment (the last one took 6 weeks) as she’s vastly overworked and I don’t need to see her, but I’ll write her a letter.  I did that this week, detailing my rib subluxation, the fact I’m now off my crutches and my Greater Trochanteric Bursitis has settled down although it did take 9 months, and also that my Dentist has referred me to the Oral Surgeon at the Hospital for my subluxing jaw joint which I’ sure she knows nothing about.  It’s about time after all these years I started honestly telling her like it is instead of stoically just getting on with it.

My peri-menopause hormones definitely seem to be ramping up again.  Which is great, because I’m desperate to have my periods over with, but the symptoms aren’t particularly pleasant.  I’m currently going through another angry phase – every little thing winds me up and I seem to spend my days chuntering swear words under my breath and plotting ways to bump people off.  I’m normally quite laid back, so to constantly feel grumpy and on edge is alien.  This is one of the reasons I’m glad we don’t have guns in the UK, because if they were freely available the farm dog next door who wakes me every morning at 6am barking would be dead by now 😉

I had two rejections this week.  My friend told me about a photography competition for ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year’ where the prize was £10,000.  OMG what I coul do with ten grand!  So I entered, even though I had to pay £30 I didn’t have for the privilege.  A member of my Camera Club actually won last year, so it’s definitely do-able.  Only I got nowhere, which isn’t surprising as I’m hopeless at landscapes 😉

My second rejection came from a stock photography site.  As you know, I was accepted by iStock and have some sold of my photos.  So I decided to also join Shutterstock for more chances to earn much needed cash.  You have to upload 10 images and if 7 are accepted you’re in.  So I used 10 images which had already been accepted, and sold, by iStock thinking it was a no-brainer but only 3 were accepted!  The photo of swans below was rejected on two counts, bad lighting and bad focus.  Honestly, I’ve looked through photos on the site of people’s rabbits in their back gardens that look like they’ve been taken on a camera phone by a 4 year old, and then this picture is rejected.  I can’t do any better, so will just knock Shutterstock on the head.  They’re selling microstock at a disrespectful 25c per picture for heaven’s sake, not art prints which are going on a billboard in Times Square!

Infinity swans


5 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. kneillbc

    I’m glad the rib slid back in! Sure there wasn’t just a tiny dram involved???? ;-). Odd about Shutterstock. That swan picture is beautiful. And you can tall that it is from a real photograph because of the tiniest ripple on the water. It’s beautiful. Go where ‘the friendlies’ are, as they say!


    1. kneillbc

      I just looked at the picture again- how much you wanna bet a computer scans them, not a person? It is fuzzy- on the reflection side, and the lighting is very ‘off’ from a standard shot…but that’s what makes it amazing… A computer algorithm looking at it though, would see those as ‘faults’. Maybe?


      1. Jak Post author

        The photo was taken at sunset – that’s how I managed to get the background black which I could never do in daylight. So the swan is bathed in yellow and pink sunset light, which to me makes the picture. But I guess that’s just personal taste.

        The thing that bugged me is that a shot like this http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=272696732&src=id which has zero artistic merit and looks like it’s been taken by a 4 year old with a camera phone gets accepted, and my swan shot doesn’t. I’m just knocking it on the head. Getty is the leading site in any event and they think my pictures are OK!


        1. kneillbc

          Good lord. A photo of a bunny with ZERO artistic merit. But, it went through a computer algorithm. That’s why Getty’s is better. They have human beings looking at the photos!

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    2. Jak Post author

      I wish there was a dram involved Karen, but alcohol sends me to A&E sadly 😉

      Re shutterstock, I was having this conversation on their forum. They are selling for an insulting 25c per picture. If they want perfect, original, stunning shots they might want to pay more! If I had an award winning nature shot I’d at least be joining a stock site, like Getty Images, where I received several dollars per picture not a microstock site where I get literally pennies. It takes hours and hours to capture, edit and upload every single picture and all for 25c – what do they want, blood?!



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