Weekly roundup

I’ve had a really busy week, though as usual when I look back I have no flippin’ clue what it is I’ve been doing 😉  My reflux was so incredibly painful last week I was in tears, so I plucked up the courage to try some Rennies which I’m currently managing to tolerate OK and which are taking the edge off the pain.  Yayyy!

I decided to have a go at growing some pea shoots as they are rich in DAO, an enzyme I am lacking and which contributes to my Histamine Intolerance.  They’ve sprouted but I’ll wait until I harvest them and do a post with instructions on what to do.

Much of my week has been taken up with my photography.  My local camera club holds monthly training sessions for beginners and, despite only being at the club for 9 months, they’ve asked me to take the opening class in September probably based on the info from my photography blog.  Yikes!  I’m always reluctant to commit to things like this, as I never know on any given day how my health will be, but I’m reassured that one of the members has offered to take the class if I’m not well enough, so I decided to give it a go.  I can’t live my life too worried or frightened to do anything.

Every year, a TV programme here in the UK runs a photographic competition whereby the pictures are made into a Calendar and the proceeds go to charity.  I’ve entered for the past 3 years and got absolutely nowhere, but I’m having another go because it gives me a purpose for my photography and makes me get out and about on those wet, dark, cold days when I’d rather be stopping in bed 😉  So with the deadline for entries looming I’ve been deciding on my entries and sending them off to the printers.

Last weekend I had a really fun couple of hours at a paintballing event in aid of Hospice at Home.  The lovely lady who walks Bertie for me was taking part with her 2 children and I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice my photography and support the charity.  My dog walker has kindly given permission for me to reproduce the image below:

I’ve sold a few more of my photos on iStock this week, though at 26c per photo it’s going to take a very long time to reach the $100 total whereby I can withdraw the cash.  What a scam!  All that time, Getty have my money in their bank making a profit off the interest.  If I’d known quite how little each picture was going to make, and the hours and hours of work involved, I would never have bothered and would have gone with Alamay instead who at least offer their artists a decent wage.  Lesson learned!




2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. chrissy

    Fabulous shot. I am slowly reading through your blog starting from beginning. You are a wonderful witty writer and I admire your tenacity throughout. Expect a few comments on the way….



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