New Recipes

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve added any recipes to the site.  I feel so rotten I can barely think about food at the moment, so cooking hasn’t exactly been top of my list of priorities.  I have, however, added a new Smoothie section to the Recipe page which I’ve been meaning to do for about 18 months now 😉 .  Smoothies are a quick and easy way to consume easily digestible nutrients, particularly if like me you struggle with nausea.

Photo of a smoothie

I have two new dinner recipes for you.  The first is for a vegetable pasta bake, which unfortunately will be unsuitable for anyone on a dairy-free diet, but is really filling and nutritious (apologies for the terrible photo!).

Photo of vegetable pasta bake

The second is for a basic lentil dal, which is really cheap and easy to make if you’re having a particularly bad day and can’t cook much.  It could be tarted up with chickpeas, or vegetables, or any other spices you particularly like but I just stick with the basic version for a dinner in under 30 minutes.  Lovely served with rice, plain poppadums and some mango chutney.  Both recipes in the Main Courses section of the Recipe Page.

Photo of lentil dal

I had a very exciting moment last week.  Finding sweets (ie candies) suitable for a low histamine diet has proved almost impossible, but making your own is so fiddly and time consuming it’s just not worth the effort.  However, while in my local deli I saw the Hawkshead Relish Company do some individual Kendal Mint Cakes and all they contain is sugar and peppermint oil.  OMG they’re delish (albeit rather expensive at £2.95 for a small jar particularly if you have to add postage costs) and just the job for those days when you’re down in the dumps and need a little foodie treat.  I tell myself that peppermint oil is actually used on prescription for stomach cramps, so they’re not even naughty – in fact, they’re positively beneficial for my gut symptoms 😉

Hawshead kendal mint cake


2 thoughts on “New Recipes

  1. Elizabeth Milo

    I just bought lentils and fresh turmeric, do this perfect. And the pasta bake looks delicious – I see you put some dried oregano in there which, since your post, I’ve been using a lot more of. 😃

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  2. Lindsay

    i love smoothies, too! lately i’m pretty nauseous in the morning, but need to have something in my stomach to take my meds. so i have a smoothie every morning, and i tolerate it much better than a solid breakfast!

    Liked by 1 person


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