Weekly roundup

I’m dead chuffed with myself (that’s northern for proud/happy 😉 ).  I moved house 11 years ago, downsizing from a 3 story townhouse to a small country cottage.  Consequently I had much more stuff than I needed and many of my prized possessions have taken up room in my attic ever since.  They were far too good to be given away to charity (some of the items were brand new and never used/worn, often being unsuitable presents) so I decided I’d do a car boot sale, as I’m permanently skint and could do with the cash.  But thinking it and doing it with my dodgy health and lack of energy are two very different things.

In the end, my cleaner/gorgeous young friend Sophie took pity on me and said she’d help. She got all of the boxes down from the loft for me and said she’d bring her little van on the day and load it all up.  She’d then stay with me during the sale and bring me, and any unsold items, back home.  I could have cried at her generosity of spirit.  I think in the 22 years I’ve been ill, she’s only the second person who has ever done something for me purely out of the kindness of their heart and not because I paid them or they were getting something out of it themselves (my parents aside, obviously).

Today was the day.  I’ve been awake since 4am, because my sleep is now rubbish again after coming off the antihistamines and I’ve had horrible stomach pain all week which keeps waking me.  My Dad kindly offered to come and pick Bertie up at 9am, walk him, look after him all day and bring him back home again when I was done, which was a huge weight off my mind 🙂

Sophie and I arrived at the venue at 10am and packed up again at 4pm.  It was a lonnnnng day sat on hard little chairs and surrounded by lots of visual stimulation and the noise of chatter, which I find incredibly mentally draining.  Sophie and I also talked and laughed nearly all day, either to each other, the visitors or to the next door stallholders, which was lovely for someone in my position who hardly ever sees anyone but absolutely exhausting.  The weather was also rubbish, and consequently the visitor numbers were down, but I still made £60 ($93) from selling old tat at £1 or 50p per item, so am well pleased!

I’m just delighted that I coped so well with it all, despite my health problems and two nights of barely any sleep, although I’m sure it’ll take me several days to recuperate 😉 .  I only sold about half the items I went with too, so a second car boot later on the year is a distinct possibility!




5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. kneillbc

    I love boot sales- I wonder why they don’t do them here- everybody has ‘garage sales’ which means that they have to actually come to your house. They tend to start arriving at ridiculous hours (sometimes as early as 6 am!) to get the ‘good stuff’. Usually they are the pros- they are looking for the Jackson Pollock that’s been in the attic because it didn’t have a pretty flower on it… Then you get the bargain hunters. Because $1.00 is simply too much to pay for something- “The neighbour had them out last week for a quarter…” (then ya shouldda bought those…). If you leave the front door open, they will go into your house and start buying things- things you had no intention of selling. We had someone go into my mother’s shed, and my brother-in-law’s work truck (he’s an electrician) pick up tools, and hand me money- I was 17…”Um NO, those aren’t for sale!” 😳 People peered in our windows- looking at our furniture “Oh, I like that rug! I’ll give you 100 bucks for it!” um….. ‘I’m sorry, but what gave you the impression that the rug, inside, still on our floor, with the couch placed on top of it gave you the idea it was for sale???” I have done a few over the years- and it’s a completely INSANE experience. Typically extraordinarily polite Canadians turn into ferile beasts at a garages sales: pushing little kids out of the way, promising to come back with the money, and returning with only half the amount when you could have sold it four times during the day, putting things into a different bin, with a cheaper price in it, etc etc. I have lots of kids toys and clothes that I’m loathe to just donate., kitchen gadgets that ?I don’t need (I can’t cook- I don’t need three sets of stainless steel measuring spoons…) Maybe I’ll have to do a garage sale anyhow- lock the doors and gates so nobody can go inside!!

    I’m so glad you were able to get out and do something ‘normal’, and that your young friend helped you out. I find that people are often willing to help, they just have no idea what to do… In some ways I don’t want my neighbour’s nose in my business, but when you are all alone, and very ill, you wish that a neighbour would be able to come by and bring you a cup of tea, or do the dishes for you, or maybe even do a load of laundry. Just because you are able to do those things individually, doesn’t mean that you can actually do them on a daily basis. Also, just because you can live on your own, and take care of yourself doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t appreciate a break from it all, or some tlc as you go through it.
    Would your home accommodate an other person? I wonder if you might find letting the room to foreign students, or to a person in a similar situation as you might be interesting. Wait a minute…I seem to recall your saying that you had the room rented out before- and it didn’t end well… Right? Of course, it would mean that you’d have to deal with living with other person, which brings a whole other set of issues, I suppose. You’d have to almost wait for the right person to come along, and it would mean a lot less privacy…Maybe someone who lives far away, but works locally, so they are only there part time.., or someone with a similar chronic condition..phah! I dunno. Never an easy solution, is it?

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    1. Jak Post author

      OMG your garage sales sound brutal! We have the same collectors etc who come buzzing round your car boot before you’ve even set your stall up and try to barter your price down, even though you’re only charging 50p to start with!!

      Your comments about living alone have inspired today’s blog post 🙂 And while I talk about all the positives of living on my own, they’re are definitely negatives and there are days I’d kill for someone to just offer to make me a brew.


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  2. Elizabeth Milo

    Wow! Well done. That’s very brave. I can only imagine how all the noise and activity and projecting energy for six hours could affect you. I have loads of stuff I want to sell. I was thinking eBay, but this sort of one off is not a bad idea.


    1. Jak Post author

      At the car boot, the lady on the next stall told me about local ‘For Sale & Wanted’ sites on Facebook so I joined and have sold a few items on there too – you either agree to meet up and exchange the items, or they can come to your home if you’re OK with that x

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