Evening out

It was the annual awards dinner for my Camera Club on Wednesday night.  As far as I can remember, I haven’t been out for dinner in the evening since my 40th birthday seven years ago, so I’d spent weeks being both excited and nervous about how I’d cope.

I started to get ready at 5pm, as I wanted to take my time and do things slowly.  I never wear make-up, other than a bit of mascara and the odd slick of lipgloss, so I’d had a trial run a few days before to make sure I didn’t end up itchy, blotchy or with bloodshot eyes – luckily I’m usually OK with skin products and all was fine.  What wasn’t fine is that, for no reason I could fathom, my back had been killing me all day.  I couldn’t use my TENS machine with the outfit I had on, so I just had to slather myself in Ibuleve gel and hope it would settle down and I could at least sit upright.

I left the house at 6.15pm to drive the 7 miles to town to drop my dog off at my parent’s house, before driving 7 miles back in the direction from which I’d come to the venue.  I spend my life in boots, wellies or trainers so wearing heels was tortuous and my Ehlers-Danlos related bunions protested loudly all night 😉 .

My biggest fear was having a reaction to the food, particularly as my mast cells have been so twitchy lately.  I knew the ingredients were OK, as I’d had a dry run on Easter Sunday when my parents took me to the restaurant for lunch and I ordered the same meal I knew I’d be having at the awards dinner with no reaction at all.  But it’s a different kettle of fish when I’m tired, nervous, and excited all of which are mast cell degranulators for me.  However, apart from feeling a bit buzzy all over after I’d eaten, I was fine.  You have no idea how relieved I was.  For anyone interested I had salmon in a butter sauce (strangely, although fish is a no no on low histamine diets, it’s actually one of my safest foods!), potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower followed by lemon meringue roulade – it was absolutely delish 🙂 .

The awards ceremony started at around 9pm.  I was expecting to receive the Millennium Trophy as I’d won an annual competition on the set theme of ‘composit images’, but what I wasn’t expecting was to also receive the Blencathra Cup for club projected digital image of the year!  Here I am with my trophies (apologies for blurring my face – I don’t want some nutter downloading my image and using it lord knows where):

By 10pm my energy was flagging so I made my excuses and left.  I was flooded with relief on the drive back to town to collect Bertie that I’d coped so well and, more than that, actually had a nice time 🙂 .  I was so hyper I barely slept a wink that night though.

As is usual for me, the next day I was a bit tired but good.  But on Friday I was exhausted, achy and nauseous and this morning have woken with a stonking headache – the delayed after effects of the stress, worry and activity.

Although I had a lovely evening, going out for dinner isn’t something I could ever make a habit of.  I worried for weeks beforehand that I’d wake with a migraine, or have a really bad ME day, and not be able to go or that I’d react to my meal and pass out in front of a room full of people and then be too ill to drive home.  Events like these are fun and relaxing for healthy people, but I just find the whole thing stressful.  My saving grace is that, at least for Camera Club, it only happens once a year 😉 .






15 thoughts on “Evening out

  1. Teri Scherzinger

    Congrats on your awards !!! Really cool, especially considering the blood, sweat, & tears that goes into such an endeavor for ill folks like us! You look so chic too, luv your haircut! I can relate so much to your writing about an event and the after effects. Just found out today we will have a lot of company staying with us for a family reunion in Aug. Already stressing/wondering how I’ll be pulling it off! 😏


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks Teri. I have people for dinner once a year and I stress for 3 months beforehand wondering how I’ll cope, so I totally get your reunion worries! x


  2. d

    Congratulations!! You look lovely, blurry face and all 🙂

    I know what you mean about eating out. I am so sensitive I pre-set my meal with the venue if/when I do go out, and to be honest I do a much better job of cooking my limited foods than a restaurant does. I find it a bit useless to pay to eat the same thing I would eat at home, but sometimes you just want to get out.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next success in the world of photography.


      1. d

        I hear that! There are definitely days I would love to just get take out or go out and eat some lovely thing that I did not have to prepare or think about preparing. I am hoping some day to get to the point you are at… being able to eat the lowest histamine item on the menu.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Elizabeth Milo

    I am REALLY impressed that you took the initiative to find out what you’d be eating and ate the meal in the weeks beforehand. Brilliant. And the dry-run on makeup. Very forward thinking! You know how proud I am of you and thrilled you got those accolades. X



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