Weekly roundup

Geez this week has gone quickly – I can’t believe it’s Sunday again already!

I’m starting with some good news for a change.  After 9 months of problems my hips finally seem to have settled down.  I am now able to walk without pain and even bending and twisting in the garden every day this week hasn’t bothered them – I am one happy chick 🙂 .  They are, and probably always will be, stiff and I’m resigned to never again being able to sit cross-legged or sleep in my usual comfortable position, but the nagging, shooting, stinging, aching pain has gone and for that I am truly thankful.

The other good news is that I’m still managing without any H2 anti-histamines for my GERD after I became allergic to the tablets I’ve been taking for the past 2 years.  The first couple of weeks were really tough, with incredibly painful rebound acid production, but this seems to have settled down to a mild/moderate pain which I’m hoping to just be able to live with.  It’s not pleasant, but it beats the anxiety of popping a pill every day and wondering if all hell is going to break loose.  The biggest downside of having reflux is the godawful taste in my mouth, which makes me self-conscious that I have bad breath when I’m talking to people :-/ .

The bad news (you knew there’d be some 😉 ) is that since my drug reaction my mast cells have been super twitchy and I’m having some mild reactions every time I eat.  Mild tachycardia, anxiety, sudden low mood and mild stomach cramps, plus pins & needles in my bum and persistent nausea.  Luckily they only last about 10 minutes (well, apart from the nausea which I sometimes have all day) so I’m coping, but it’s not fun and I hope it all settles down again soon.  I’ve found in the past that once I’ve had an anaphylactic episode my mast cells can become super alert for months, so the reactions aren’t unexpected.  I’m not reacting to any food in particular, so I’m thinking the culprit is the act of digestion itself which produces histamine and being as though my histamine bucket is obviously already full the digestive histamine is causing problems.

On the plus side my butt hive outbreak has cleared up, my sleep isn’t as disrupted and my constantly runny nose has calmed down a bit, so I’m hopeful this latest flare is on the wane (famous last words!).

I have a very exciting week ahead as Wednesday is our Camera Club’s Annual Dinner and presentation night.  I’m receiving a trophy for winning the Millennium Cup Competition, and also found out this week I won Beginner’s Digital Image of the Year with the same picture 🙂 .  It’s the first time I’ve been out for dinner in the evening for………actually I can’t remember the last time, maybe my 40th birthday seven years ago.  I just hope adrenalin keeps me going and I don’t react  too badly to my meal!  I’ll let you all know how it went.




4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. LivvySheep

    Hi Jak,
    I’m glad you wrote this post! Thought I was going mad…
    …Firstly, it is good to hear that you have managed to reduce your ‘torment burden’ with your hip pain and reflux calming down some.
    I have to say that i’m having much the same histamine / mild-anaphalaxis reactions daily too, from nothing much in particular, despite avoiding all my usual triggers. Maybe 30mins – 1hr after eating, also with a blocked nose and inc. inc. sinus pain; despite using Olbus sniffer permanently stuck up nose like a nutter! Last nights palpitations went on forever and the fatigue was like being drugged, leaving one exhausted acutely. I was only guessing that the birch season had something to do with it – ie inc. the bucket load??? Plus acute life stress atm and stopping my Piriton’s (aft the link to Alzeimers’s scare) but still taking Benadrly x3 a day. I’ve been waiting for the promise of EDS UK putting the vid of Dr.S conference 2014 talk up because he listed the anithists he would use in EDS for MCAD and HIT… …haven’t checked lately, temp. given up…
    …tho just saying it is odd (psychologically) reacting to eating ANYTHING. Difficult to know how to move forward in management, other than to hope it bloody well pisses right off!!!! xxx


    1. bertieandme Post author

      I agree re the Birch season not helping – I’m always unwell this time of year.

      I’d forgotten about Dr S’s video from the conference – I’ll have a look to see if it’s online when I feel up to it, and if not will chase it up with EDS UK.

      Sorry you’re having a rough patch too. My reaction after supper last night was crap and I just slept afterwards – have woken this morning feeling awful 😦 Poxy shagging illnesses!

      Jak x


  2. d


    I am very glad to hear your hip problems are better and that your GERD has settled down a bit. Sorry to hear that you are more reactive in general. I get the same way and now that spring is starting here I am definitely feeling more reactive. I agree about the poxy shagging illnesses!

    Enjoy your night out with the camera club and your TWO awards (fantastic!). Wishing you lots of adrenaline and some ok food.


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