New Recipes

As you can see from my last blog post, I don’t have much time to try new recipes so apologies it’s been some months since I added anything new to the site.  I’ve only been able to rustle up a few quick meals for you to try but I hope you like them, or they give you inspiration to make a variation using ingredients you can personally tolerate.

Carrot and Ginger Soup

This is a nice light soup with a delicate hint of warming ginger – see the Soup Section of the Recipe Page for details.


Leek Tart

A portable lunch dish, or add some new potatoes and a green salad or coleslaw for a light summer supper – details in the Lunches section of the Recipe page.


Spicey Chickpea Cakes

These are going to become a staple in my Recipe book.  They’re versatile, in as much as you can add whatever spices you like most, and easy to make.  But the best bit is that they can be individually frozen, then cooked from frozen – great when I’m having a really bad day and am simply too unwell to make anything from scratch.  Here they’re shown on a bed of noodles, with stir-fried veg (courgette, yellow peppers and green beans) and a side order of sweet chilli dipping sauce and soured cream.  A super quick and tasty supper dish which, when using frozen cakes, takes 20 minutes from start to finish – details in the Mains section of the Recipe page.

??????????????????????Bon appetite 🙂


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