Weekly roundup

I can’t believe we’re in February already – where the hell did January go?!  Healthy people look at me pityingly and ask “what do you do all day?” and I have to stifle a smile.  My days are so full and so hectic I’ve simply no time to be bored.  What regular people don’t realize is that my day finishes at 3pm, so in the 8 hours I’m active I have to fit in: preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner; writing my two blogs; seeing my parents; medical appointments (mine, my Mums and my Dads); taking the dog out; laundry; my Camera Club; feeding the wild birds; keeping up with my friends; bathing, and a million and one other things which this week has included another Vet visit, some town shopping, my monthly car checks (eg oil, water, tyres), checking my scooter tyres and giving that a wash down, a visit to the Solicitor to change my will and trying to sort my kitchen out now the painting is nearly done!  On top of all that I have 121 emails sitting in my inbox I keep meaning to do something about; I still haven’t managed to shorten my new front door curtain which has been in situ since last August, and I have a dustbin bag of filing I haven’t managed to do since February last year.

The good news is that Bertie is doing brilliantly after being placed on Gabapentin for his back pain and his acute colitis seems to be under control.  The bad news is the bill after just one Vet visit was £177 ($270).  I nearly freakin passed out in shock.  He is insured, so I’m hoping I can claw at least some of the money back though I still have a £60 ($90) excess.

As regular readers of my blog will know, my best friend fell out with me last year.  She was executor of my will, my legal power of attorney in case I become mentally incompetent and was also a beneficiary of my estate.  So this week I’ve had to change things.  Just making a small alteration to my will cost me £180 ($274).  I had no clue it was going to be this expensive and had only managed to save £100 – I’ve no idea where the other £80 is coming from.  I couldn’t make a change to my Enduring Power of Attorney because the Government, in their wisdom, changed the rules and now you have to make a Lasting Power of Attorney, cost of which is £800 ($1,200).  WTF?!!  As I said to the solicitor, if I had £800 going spare I’d treat myself to a holiday being as though I haven’t had one since 1996.  So all I’ve been able to do is revoke my current Enduring Power of Attorney, which means I no longer have someone to make health and financial decisions on my behalf should the need arise, which is all a bit worrying.  The solicitor did tell me I can download the Lasting Power of Attorney forms from the Government’s website and do it for free myself, which is what I’ll have to do, but it’s extremely complex and I swear the forms are thicker than the phone directory – it’s yet another job I don’t have the time or energy for (let alone the mental clarity).

On to other news.  I slipped on the ice and fell on my right hip which has taken 7 months to heal from my last fall, bugger!  I also had a really horrible day on Wednesday with some serious gut pain.  It was very low down and felt like period pain but wasn’t, so I’ve no idea what that was all about.  Yesterday I dropped my TENS machine when I went for a pee and it’s now not working.  I rely on it totally for my back pain and I can’t currently afford to replace it.  I need a lotto win, pronto!

I got absolutely nowhere in last week’s photo competition at my Camera Club.  I love this picture and couldn’t understand why it had done so badly.  I asked our Club Chairman for some feedback and disagreed with every criticism he made 😉

Rutter Force, CumbriaThis post sounds really whingy but I’ve actually had a good week overall!  I admit to having had enough of the winter now though and am ready for spring to arrive – only another 2 months to go 😉


6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Hi Jak,

    So pleased to hear Bertie is doing better. Love the photo of him enjoying a walk in the snow. Looks like he would have a small lake under him once he melted down : )

    Sounds like you are having a week of challenges. I hope the TENS machine is working again or an easy fix. If you’re going to have challenges, it would be nice to be somewhat pain free in the midst of it.

    Wishing you that lotto win. I often think that getting a chronic illness is like winning the world’s crummiest lottery, so it why not win a good one!



  2. Elizabeth Milo

    A fall on the ice is no laughing matter! I really hope that doesn’t cause lasting damage. My days are full, too, but I do nothing like the things you do. This is why I think you’re inspiring- monthly car checks? Washing the scooter? Painting the kitchen? Shopping!! You’re such an efficient busy bee. I feel like I get nothing done. I’ve been trying to buy a dog bed online for literally months. I move in slow motion… :-/



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