Weekly roundup

Apologies again for not posting anything new this week.  I’m so tired I can’t even think of a post let alone do one.

Bertie’s back is very bad and he’s pooped in the night 3 times this week which he’s never done before in his life.  He’s currently in too much pain to take for his morning walk, which again is unheard of, so I have a Vet appointment booked on Monday afternoon to discuss the situation.

During the next month my Mum has various doctor’s appointments for her heart and lungs – we’ve had two this week and there are another two coming up before the end of Jan.  She’s doing well considering, though still coughing up blood and no-one knows why.

In amongst all that I’m still decorating.  It’s making me feel like absolute crap though, very fluey and MEish, so this weekend I’m having a break from it all.

The past month or so I’ve been having a new symptom.  Been waking with totally numb hands which are covered in pins and needles, a bit like if you sit on them for too long.  As soon as I’m up and about it wears off, so it hasn’t been worrying me, until yesterday when it didn’t wear off and I had pins and needles the entire day.  It was quite painful and when I typed it was like someone was jabbing my finger ends with a hot needle.  Yesterday the pins and needles had spread up my arms to my elbows which kind’ve freaked me out a bit though I know in my heart it’s nothing serious.  I’m fairly sure it’s my upper back which causes me a lot of problems anyway and the main nerves to my arms are being squished overnight.  So last night I tried sleeping with my arms in a different position and at least didn’t wake in the night with no feeling in my hands and, although I’ve still got pins and needles today, at least they’re not as painful or widespread as yesterday.

My friend K is coming through for a visit tomorrow, so I’m really looking forward that 🙂  She’s been on a rare week away (she has ME so doesn’t travel much) so I’m amazed she still has the energy for the 40 mile drive to my house (and the 40 mile drive home!).

Time to make some dinner as it’s now 6pm, even though I’m shattered and feel like crap.  These are the days I wish I had a Chef.  Scrap that, I wish I had a Chef every day, and a cleaner and a gardener and a painter & decorator and a handyman 😉  I was too busy taking part in the Garden Birdwatch event (the world’s largest wildlife survey) this morning to prepare my dinner as I usually do, so it’ll be 5 minute egg noodles lavished with sweet chilli dipping sauce, 5 minute stir fry veg and some wild Alaskan salmon cooked straight from frozen, eaten in bed on a tray as usual.  Don’t let it be said I don’t know how to have a good time!!


7 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Kathy

    So sorry to hear about Bertie hoping she will feel better soon also wishing you and your Mum better days, I can so relate to the pins and needles feeling all day and numb dead limbs while sleeping, I agree that it could be from extra tension in your body especially in shoulders or neck due to all the additional stress you are going through, hang in there, it’s awesome your friend is coming for a visit, really helps to have support.


  2. Kelly

    Hello, I am new to your feed, but not to Mastocytosis. After reading your post today, I have a very simple suggestion that might make a big difference. Over the last four years, I would experience the pins and needles you have described upon waking (mostly in the winter month, and especially when I am fighting off infections). Last year, I bought oversized brown cotton gardening gloves, and started wearing them to bed. As it turns out, I unknowingly cram my hands under my pillow/body/any place to keep them warm at night, since I do not regulate my circulation like I should. After doing this, the pins and needles really started going away. They will return in one night during the winter if my gloves are missing. Now I can’t fall asleep without them.


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion Kelly and welcome to my blog 🙂 For me I’d say the problem is probably nerve entrapment due to my Ehlers-Danlos – I’ve already had spinal surgery and my neck and upper spine is in a right mess these days. Not sure I could bare to wear gloves in bed as I’m in peri-menopause and like a blast furnace at night LOL! I sleep with a huge ceiling fan on despite the fact it’s currently snowing here in the UK 😉 But I’m really glad you found what caused your numb hands and have managed to sort it out – it’s a really unpleasant symptom! Jak x


      1. Kelly

        Thank you for the welcome! I also have some neck and spine problems, but if you are that warm at night, you’re probably not making things worse by unconsciously crushing your arms and hands in an effort to warm them! Without my gloves, my hands end up buried so far under my pillow or body in the morning, my fingers don’t like to open, along with a stiff neck, shoulders and back that lasts most the day. Obviously, any inflammation/irritation is not my friend!

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