Weekly roundup

Apologies for not posting anything this week – it’s all been a bit mental.  I’ve started decorating my kitchen.  Obviously I can’t do things like rollering the ceiling and walls but luckily my cleaner is a total legend and does these kinds of big jobs for me (though I pay her double for painting what I would for cleaning obviously).  But I simply can’t afford to pay someone to do all the fiddly jobs like glossing woodwork which take ages, so I do these myself usually sat on the floor wearing every joint brace I possess.  I know beforehand it’s going to make me ill and cause me pain but what choice do you have if you can’t afford to pay someone to do it and have no-one who’s offering to do it for free?

I think some of my friends and family would say I’m a bit fanatical about keeping my house nice.  However, I was homeless as a child for nearly 2 years (we stayed with relatives so weren’t living under a bridge or anything, but didn’t have a home of our own) so consequently my home is important to me.  I’d love to be able to afford to buy a new house which was already immaculate and didn’t need any work doing to it but as they’re always much more expensive than old properties I’ve never been able to, so I’ve always lived in ‘character’ (code for knackered) houses which need much more upkeep than a modern one would.

In amongst all that I went to Camera club on Wednesday evening, driving through a snow blizzard at 20mph, and of course there is still all the usual cooking, shopping, washing and parent-looking-after to do.  By Thursday I felt like I’d been in a car wreck.

And now to cap off the week my period is due and I woke this morning as dizzy as a blonde on a roundabout and with a nagging migraine after tossing and turning all night sweating, despite having my ceiling fan on even though it’s -8C outside.

This morning I was looking forward to a lie in however when I got up I realized my little Bertie dog was ill so the day hasn’t started out quite as planned.  We think he has degenerative disc disease and he goes through patches of having a really painful back.  He’s been pretty good lately but this morning was one of his off days and he was obviously in a lot of pain.  I have some painkillers for him, so gave him one at 7.30am.  They usually take about 30 minutes to kick in, after which he’ll have a little sleep and then seems much better, but this morning nothing happened.  I couldn’t understand why until I found half the painkiller on the duvet – I’ve no idea if he actually swallowed the other half or not!  So I gave him another one.  And 15 minutes later he threw up (which at the moment I’m too tired to clean up!).  So then I was in a dilemma – I had no idea how much of the first tablet he’d swallowed, or how much of the second tablet he’d absorbed, so do I give him another one or would I be over-dosing him?  After watching him back up to the corner of the bedroom in pain then sit there shaking with his head down and his ears back I decided another tablet was in order, and he finally seems to be settling down a bit though still can’t get comfortable enough for a sleep.

None of the stress has done my migraine any good and my much needed rest in bed has gone belly up :-/  We’re a right pair this morning he and I.

I’m determined to end on a positive though and I’m delighted to announce my hips have been quite good this week!  Still very stiff, and much reduced range of movement, but no acute pain or sub-luxing and I’ve even managed to sit cross-legged a couple of times which is one of my most comfortable positions as it takes much of the weight off my lower back.  At one stage last year I was losing hope that my hips would ever be any better, but at least now I can see a chink of light that improvement is possible 🙂 .


3 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. bertieandme Post author

      Bert was right as rain the next day love ‘im! No idea what caused the bad day. I do have prescription painkillers to give him on his bad days, but the Vet says it’s not bad enough as yet to do anything more invasive or for him to be on more potent drugs which have side effects – which in a way is good news, and the painkillers do work if he actually swallows them 😉



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