Weekly roundup

I’m starting off with an apology.  I realized yesterday that I’d missed a step out of the recipe instructions for my Leek & Ricotta Cannelloni – ooops!  It’s now been rectified 🙂

My new (2nd hand) scooter has had to go back to the shop this week as it was losing power and I need it fixed before the warranty runs out.  I still have my little scooter, but it crawls along at a snail’s pace in comparison and of course can’t go over any rough terrain *sob*.

I had a follow-up appointment with my physiotherapist on Friday re my hips.  She was actually quite pleased with my progress, as I’m now not subluxing (ie partially dislocating) my hips willy nilly 10 times a day and my acute pain has gone – it’s only taken 3 months of doing absolutely nothing!  She now wants me to start some gentle water exercises to re-strengthen the ligaments, starting with just 10 mins and working my way up over the course of several months so as not to exacerbate my M.E.  I had planned on hiring a private pool with my neighbour, but she’s notorious for getting all excited about things but never actually following through and being as though she’s already cancelled on me once I decided to just use the public pool.  They do a special Disabled Swim for an hour on a Sunday morning, so I’m going to go along to that – the good news is it’s right opposite my Mum’s house so I can drop Bertie off there first.

We chatted about whether I could resume some short walks over level ground, and my physio said it was worth a try.  But she suggested I wear 2 pairs of Spanx (ie body control cycling shorts), preferably a size smaller than I actually am, which should hold my hip joints and ligaments in place and give them less chance to slide around.  As my big scooter is being repaired, and it was snowing in any event which means going out on a scooter isn’t do-able, I decided to walk Bertie this morning.  I got the spanx on, then my jeans, wellies and waterproof over-trousers and waddled my way like a constipated duck to the car to drive to the woods, in the hope the trees would shelter us from the worst of the weather.  Only when I tried to sit down to drive I felt like the spanx were cutting me in half and I needed a crane to get me back out of the car at the other end.  They might help my hips, but in the meantime my torso is going to die of oxygen deprivation 😉

The bad news is both my knees have now started to play up and tonight they are seriously painful 😦 . The physio was gobsmacked and has no idea why.  I’m just totally pissed off with sorting one issue out only for another issue to take its place.

My Physio is a senior specializing in Rheumatology at my local hospital.  My GP was very reluctant to refer me initially, as we have a physio team at my local health centre, so to make a point I tried them for 3 months and it was a disaster.  They knew nothing about EDS and the standard exercises they gave me made everything worse.  After that my GP agreed the rheumy physio might be a better option ;-).  Fran is lovely and just admits when she doesn’t know something or is at a loss about what to do, which sounds rubbish but is such a refreshing change.  I feel like we work as a team and she really listens to me.  She knows I know more about my body than anyone and just accepts it if I tell her I can’t do an exercise due to my ME.  She has several EDS patients and admits she gets really frustrated at not being able to help them more.  She’s going on an EDS training course at the end of Jan being run by Rheumatologist Dr Hakim, one of the UKs leading hypermobility specialists and medical advisor to both the HMSA and EDS UK.  It shows she’s really interested in EDS and genuinely wants to learn more about the disease which is wonderful :-).  We both agreed it’s diabolical there are no hypermobility specialists in the north of the UK (there’s a clinic in Manchester but that’s 100 miles south of us) and the situation desperately needs to change – I hope she brings this issue up with Dr Hakim when she sees him!

As I stated in my last Weekly Roundup, Wednesday night was results night at my Camera Club for the annual Millennium Trophy.  It has a set theme, and this year’s was that of a Composite image.  I knew I wouldn’t be placed, as the competition was open to the whole club which includes professional photographers, but it’s still nice to see everyone’s pictures appearing on the big screen and hearing the Judge critique them – you learn all sorts.   My picture of the flying boot was awarded 17/20 which to be honest I was dead chuffed about being as though I had no clue what I was doing.  But as the end of the evening approached my Couch Surfing picture hadn’t appeared and my heart sank in case my email hadn’t gotten through and the club hadn’t received my entry.  But, as it turned out, there was a reason my photo was last………….I only went and won the entire thing!!!  Yes my friends, I bloody well WON!!!!!  I get a trophy and everything, which apparently is awarded at the annual dinner in April.  I was so elated I can’t even remember the 7 mile drive home and didn’t come down off the ceiling until well past midnight 😉

8 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Jak that is FANTASTIC!! So happy for your success. I’m sure it also means a lot that it came from other photographers – such great validation of your talent. I hope when you are completing your house renos in the next few months, that you are keeping in mind a place for your trophy : )



  2. kneillbc

    What a great way to end the day. I’m just off to bed, thought I’d try reading some email. You made my day, Jak! Congratulations. You deserve to feel very proud of it. It’s an fantastic composite image- the tones go together perfectly, it is balanced, the composition is perfect without being contrived, and the subject is both humorous and edgy. That is something you can’t practice or study for- you have a gift. Would you ever have thought at this point in your life you would be uncovering an untapped talent? And it came along when you needed it most. Beautiful.



    1. bertieandme Post author

      What a lovely comment, thanks Karen 🙂 I love gardening and when I could no longer do that I never thought I’d find something I loved as much – just goes to show that we should keep trying new things because you never know what you might find. Jak x


  3. Sunshinebright

    Things are looking up in certain aspects. So glad for that. What a surprise about your couch photo. Egads! How did you get the water streaming onto the couch? Wow. Glad you finally are getting better about your hips. Ugh, now it’s the knees. Bummer. Hope this will get fixed soon. Love reading your weekly roundup.


  4. Marley

    What a great photo! Now please tell me how you got the shot of water poring out of a frame over the sofa! Congratulations! You are now a documented and justified artist in photography! I also hope your pain lets up in your bones soon. Proper strengthening of ligaments will help.


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Thanks Marley. As I said to sunshinebright above, the water on the couch wasn’t as difficult as you’d think – explanation and pictures on my other blog https://bertieandme.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/composites/

      I’d love to do more physio and exercise for my hips, the only problem is exercise makes my ME much worse – it’s *so* frustrating and such a balancing act :-/ Last time I tried swimming I ended up almost bedridden due to my ME, so although I’m going to give it a go I’m nervous to be honest. Jak x



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