Weekly roundup

Well, that’s Christmas over with for another year.  Mine was lovely, one of the best since becoming ill I think.  It was the right mix of social activities, plus resting and totally relaxing. Christmas morning I even had a hugely unexpected surprise.  Came downstairs to find a hand delivered card had been put through the door – who on earth delivers cards actually on Xmas morning?!  Turned out to be an Admirer!!!  Apparently he’d stopped to talk to me one day in the summer outside my house.  I can vaguely remember him, and am sadly not the slightest bit romantically interested, but it was still flattering to think he thought well of me and encouraging to know that unexpected romantic encounters can happen at any time – I’ve been single for 18 years but still haven’t totally given up on the idea of finding myself a husband!

My health (which usually plays up like a son of a bitch during the holidays) was as good as it gets and, despite my period arriving just days before Christmas, I didn’t have a hormone induced migraine until 29th December when thankfully all my engagements were over with, yayy 🙂 .

For various reasons my Dad hasn’t really been himself lately, so on 28th December I dragged him out with me to a local beauty spot.  A keen walker, I got my Dad to take Bertie for a wander while I stayed put and took some photographs.  Where I live is just soooo pretty and both Dad and Dog had fun exploring 🙂

Photo of Rutter Force, CumbriaI never do anything for New Year’s Eve.  I’m always over-tired after Christmas, then there’s the obstacle of having no-one to do anything with in any event.  I was happy under the duvet watching the film ‘The Help’ on tv and being sound asleep by 10.30pm.   New Year’s Day I went to my parents for a roast lunch and we were all snoring on the couch come half two in the afternoon 😉

Each Christmas wordpress bloggers receive an annual summary of their statistics.  I was completely gobsmacked to see that this blog has now had nearly 300,000 visitors from 173 countries (I didn’t even know there were that many countries!!).  It’s both gratifying and terrifying in equal measure, knowing that so many people are visiting my blog searching for answers which I know I don’t have because I’m just muddling along like the rest of you!

My camera club starts back up on Wednesday after a 3 week break and I’m really looking forward to it, despite the fact going out in an evening is stupidly hard work and affects me for days afterwards.  It’s the results of the Millennium competition, for which we had to make a composite image (ie. 2 or more bits from different photos pasted together to make one picture).  I’m not expecting to be placed as the competition was open to the whole club (which includes professional photographers) and I’ve never done a composite image before in my entire life, but I’m excited to see what other people came up with.  These were my attempts, the second one blatantly copied from a picture I saw online (I have no idea if this is against the rules or not!):

This was taken in an old shed up my drive. The couch belongs to an upholsterer who runs a business nearby – he was kind enough to carry it into the shed for me. The water is a photo of a waterfall I took a few weeks before Xmas.

This is one of my ankle boots, and the wings are taken from a photo of a swan I took last March. The ‘fairy dust’ and long laces are just Photoshop trickery.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m planning on having some decoration work done in the house in January so if I don’t post as often as usual for the next few weeks it’s because I’m too exhausted.  There definitely won’t be any new recipes this month I’m sad to say.  I really need to get this work done though, as I ignored it all last year to concentrate on looking after my parents following Mum’s heart attack.  I’m dreading it to be honest, and it all seems like a massive waste of my precious energy, but 300 year old cottages take a considerable amount of upkeep, without which they tend to drop to bits, so I’m just biting the bullet and getting on with it.  The plan is to try and get all the work done by spring so’s I can then get out taking photographs when the nicer weather arrives – famous last words!




8 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. bertieandme Post author

      Aww bless you, your cheque’s in the post 😉 I’ve entered the waterfall picture in the next print competition – results at end of Jan I think so I’ll let you know if it gets anywhere x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Elizabeth Milo

        You even got someone to move a sofa for you! That’s dedication! I took a few photography courses years ago – dark room and all that – I really wanted it to go somewhere, but i just wasn’t that great at the technical side of things (i hate to admit). My best friend is a photographer and she took the photos i wished I had taken… the wind went out of my sails. Since getting a phone with a decent camera and ME opened my eyes to things I never used to look at, I’ve had so much fun taking photos. But I still have all this great non-digital equipment and cameras that I never touch. Maybe one day I’ll break them out again. Same with poetry- I used to write a lot. Maybe one day again. X


        1. bertieandme Post author

          Sad to say I’d put your non-digital stuff on Ebay – my camera club uses all digitial. Even for the print competitions, where you have to actually print off your photo and mount it, you also have to email a digital copy as the prints are projected onto a big screen on competition night so that everyone can see them.

          I always thought I’d be a novelist, but I know realize that I have no real passion for writing! Yes, I can write but I’m doing it because I think I should not because I want to. It’s so weird to realize that, when I’ve thought my whole life that writing was my forte!! x

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  1. Jill Jarvis

    I LOVE your blogs. You keep me up to date with what’s happening with you ( I want to know you’re ok 🙂 given how hard it can be to get through each day). You keep me going through my rough times, make me homesick for the North especially with your photos and I love your sense of humour. A massive congratulations on how many people are following you. It’s stunning but you deserve it…Long may it carry on! XX


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Awww, thanks Jill 🙂 I haven’t heard from you in ages though, so don’t know what’s happening at *your* end!!!! I’m just as interested in what you’re doing and the boys! Write to me and fill me in when you can xxx


  2. d

    Happy new year Jak! Beautiful photos – good luck with the next competition. I look forward to hearing about it.

    Thanks for all your work on your blog – it has been a help to me in so many ways, and obviously I am not the only one!




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