New Recipes

Christmas is looming on the horizon and it’s a time of year when I particularly miss junk food.  Mince pies, mint Matchmakers, sour cream ‘n onion Pringles, Christmas cake slathered in crunchy icing ………. I’m drooling just thinking about it 😉  So I decided to try a new sugary snack to get me through the festive period.  I love Butterkist (my teeth not so much!) but the bought varieties usually have soya additives, so I decided to make my own.  It’s as good, if not better, than commercial popcorn, takes literally minutes to make (kids would love to see the corn popping) and is also gluten free – see the Desserts section for the recipe.

Unfortunately, woman cannot live on sugar alone so I’ve also added a recipe for Leek & Ricotta Cannelloni to the Mains Section of the recipe page.  Easy, delicious and very filling!

I saw a recipe for some quick yeast-free spicy tear ‘n share bread on ITV’s This Morning programme recently, so have given that a try – recipe in the Miscellaneous Section.

And to go along with the bread I also gave the This Morning’s simple sweet potato soup recipe a bash – see the Soup Section for details.

I hope these recipes give you inspiration and something different to try.  Enjoy 🙂





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