Weekly roundup

This week has been both stressful and exciting – at least I’m never bored 😉  My Nan is now happily ensconced in a Residential Care home but as a family we’re still trying to sort out all her finances and clear her old flat.  Her Grandchildren, who barely ever went near, are suddenly “helping” and wanting to get their mits on anything that isn’t nailed down :-/  Sorting out the financial side has been a total headache.  We thought Social Services would do it all, but without going into details they have done diddly squat and it’s been left to us.  My Mum is too ill to do it and my Dad is too confused to do it, so actually it’s been left to me – as always.

It’s been my period week so my hips, which last week were slightly better, have been crap again.  Last night my favourite sleeping position, which I’ve had for 47 years, simply wasn’t do-able consequently I didn’t get a huge amount of kip.  However, Bertie and I went on a 6 mile walk in the gorgeous winter sunshine yesterday morning, courtesy of the new scooter, and had a FABULOUS time 🙂  I wrap up in thermal outdoor gear like I’m going on an expedition to the Antarctic and my pièce de résistance is a hot water bottle stuffed under my ski jacket – I’m so toasty warm I could stay out all day 😉  Including our afternoon walk we did just over 10 miles – Bert was so exhausted he could barely eat his tea last night!  His now has his own dog carrier on the back of the scooter for when we’re on the roads and the look on the faces of passers-by is priceless as we zip along on our Harley, the dog’s ears flapping in the wind.

My period was bang on 27 days……again!  After being totally random last year, the past six months they’ve been regular as clockwork so it looks like the actual Menopause isn’t going to happen any time soon *sigh*.  I’ve had some wicked headaches, including waking with a rare aura migraine, this cycle and my skin and nose itching have been really annoying.  Who’d be a girl?!

My physio wants me to stay on exercise rest until the new year when she’ll re-evaluate the situation.  I don’t think I’m getting anywhere with my hips and it scares me a bit that they are getting so bad I’ll end up not being able to walk much at all 😦  Doing things like putting socks and shoes on, or even getting into my jeans, is currently really difficult and I have to lift my right leg with my hands to get it in and out of the car.  I’ve never had any issues with my hips before and I’m just baffled it’s come out of the blue like this.  I’m also not getting on very well with my crutches – more on that in a future blog post.

On the plus side, since having my upper molar extracted in September my jaw pain has been loads better 🙂  I used to wake every morning with a painful right joint and pain all up the side of my face which I thought was TMJ disorder.  Turns out it’s been the infection from my molar root which seems to’ve been causing most of the problem, and not the jaw ligaments at all.  Happy days!

The most exciting event of the week is that I’ve had my first photographic order 🙂  How totally exciting!  I sold 33 6×4″ prints and the customer was absolutely delighted with them – I think she’s going to use them to make her own cards.  Oh, and I put my Christmas tree up.  I love sitting in the lounge with the fire on, curtains drawn to the cold winter darkness, bathing in the golden glow from the twinkly tree lights #content.



9 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. bertieandme Post author

      Thank you! Though someone in the village did stop me and ask if I had some “happy news” for them…………with the hot water bottle stuffed up my jacket they thought I was expecting LOL!


  1. Olivia

    Dear Bertie and Me,

    I just wanted to say hi again and thank you for all your posts! I think I told you before (though I know it diificult to remember with brain fog, fatigue, dysautonomia, headaches, pain etc etc! and also having many blog followers too!) ..im bedbound and went out for the first time in 2 years, to the EDS UK conference in B’ham and was such a shame I didnt get to meet you, as had been following your blog for a bit. Its daft really and a bit sad, but it almost like having a friend round fora cuppa tea and a catch up when I read your blogs! ….I am very lucky I have a husband and a dog and also carers but i SO MISS girly chats and workmates and having a laugh, outside of these 4 walls! …I know you have a lot on with your health (especially the hip) and your parents health atm, I think your doind just fine girl and you should be proud of your strength and courage. ….Anyway the main reason I was reply today, was because of the photo of your scooter and bertie! What a brilliant sight to behold! I wish you knew how much hope, youve given me in seeing this image! I dream of going walking along the Northumberland coast again with my little Floss dog! It’s my physiotheraphy goal! I too live in remote, rural areas, where the typical mobility ride just dont cut it! Atm I have a tilt in space powerchair (she’s called Stevie), my physio has got me on rehab of sitting out of bed, in Stevie chair just an hour a day, every 4 days…. with the goal being to be able to sit upright all the time in her at full upright position, so can walk Floss on flat ground, for a short time. Now she is going to get a shock when she rings me up and I say ive moved the goalposts a little and I want to be able to do a ‘bertie and me style all terrain scooter styley!!!!’ Loving it! Abs fab! It must bring you so much joy and freedom! And your doggies well happy too! Result! PS hot water bottle tip inside coat? Someones got their brain on! I never thought of that!
    Lots of gentle hugs xLivvyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Hi Livvy

      Of course I remember you 🙂 I’m really bummed I didn’t get to the EDS conference too and am still waiting for EDS UK to put the talks up online so’s I can listen to them (they said early Nov but still not there).

      I remember well when I first started getting out of bed after being in it for 6 years – really hard work and your body takes forever to adjust. The more you can be upright though, the better and better it gets. It took me 4 years really to go from bedridden to being able to be upright for most of the day but I know you’ll get there!

      The scooter is so fab, I’m loving it 🙂 Even when it’s cold or wet, just being able to get out in the fresh air for half an hour every day is so wonderful. Only somone who’s been bedridden or stuck indoors for years could understand what it means to have that kind of freedom.

      Hugs back to you and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog and all its rants and ramblings 🙂
      Jak x

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  2. Elizabeth Milo

    Ha! I had a hot water bottle with me when I went out on the scooter in the cemetery the other day- plus three layers on my legs and five on the upper half of my body, including a battery-heated vest that I originally got for riding motorbikes. 🙂

    Sorry your period is a nightmare, too. I was just wailing to my husband how bloody unfair it is that I have to deal with this every month my whole life when I don’t even have kids!


  3. d

    Hi Jak

    Love the scooter photo : ). Congratulations on selling your photo cards!

    Re: your hip issues, it might be helpful to consult an occupational therapist about aids for getting dressed. S/he might have some ideas about the car too (or ask your physio about that one). You might be able to avoid a wait list if your physio asks a colleague to do the consult. I saw a device on tv (I think) that hooks onto a latch on the inside of the door and you use it to help lever yourself up. If I see it again, I’ll make a note.

    Wishing you lots more country jaunts with your adorable Bertie!



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