Helpful equipment

This is just a quick post to tell you about 2 pieces of equipment I’ve bought recently that are super useful.

The first is a remote control plug adapter.  I spend a lot of time in bed, and behind my bedside cabinet is a trailing socket extension containing plugs for my laptop, ipod, mobile phone and laptop hard drive.  I don’t have these turned on constantly as it’s a waste of expensive electric, but I’m now at the stage where having to bend down the back of my bedside cabinet to turn each plug on individually every day is beyond me.

Hurrahh for the Energenie trailing socket extension lead with 4 sockets which can be individually turned on and off by remote control (they also do individual socket remotes).  It’s inexpensive (£22), has surge protection and works through walls and furniture.  I will be buying several more for around the house so that I can turn appliances on and off from the comfort of my bed!

The second piece of equipment isn’t for me (yet!), it’s for my Mum but it’s so brilliant I just had to share.  My Mum, like my Nan before her, has a familial hand tremor.  It’s now so bad she can’t write her own name and watching her eat things like soup or cereal is pitiful.

While waiting for my Dad to have his hernia surgery recently she was reading a magazine and saw an advert for a spoon which claimed to cancel out hand tremors.  It was really expensive, and only available from America, but she asked me to send for it (and it amazingly arrived 3 days later!).

It is excellent.  It has a thick handle which contains a motor and the spoon (they also do a fork) slots onto the end.  The motor makes the spoon wobble, which cancels out any movement made by the shaking hand.  Here’s someone with a tremor (no, it’s not my Mom!) using the spoon:

After use, the spoon and fork parts are dishwasher safe and the handle pops onto a charger.  My Mum now eats anything and everything with relative ease and says it will revolutionize eating out which used to be really embarrassing.  It doesn’t completely stop the tremor but it sure helps and at least she’s no longer spilling everything down her jumper!


2 thoughts on “Helpful equipment

  1. Elizabeth Milo

    I love that you take the time to post about these things! The spoon is genius and I’ve never heard of a remote control extension cord! I never turn off our plugs. I really should get in the habit of doing that. Maybe I could buy the one you linked to for my mum, although on the US Amazon it’s like $55 including shipping. :-/



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