New Recipe

It’s Autumn here in England and I’m in need of warming comfort food.  Trouble is I feel like crap, so I’m barely up to cooking anything which takes longer than 15 minutes.  Fortuitous, then, that my treacle flapjack takes just that 🙂  It’s lovely with a warm mug of milk and has become my afternoon treat, alongside reading a few pages of a good book (thumping headache and brain fog permitting).  Recipe in the Dessert section and scroll down.

I finally got around to doing a photo of my basil pesto, so at least you know what it’s supposed to look like.  I’m having this tossed with pasta and roasted veg for dinner tonight, mmmm 🙂

And while I’m on a food theme, for anyone who is both low histamine and dairy-free finding a cheese substitute is tough as most vegan cheese products are made of soya.  However, my friend told me about Violife which is a soya-free, dairy-free, gluten-free cheese made with ingredients suitable for a low histamine diet (if you ignore the citric acid, and let’s face it a small amount of citric acid isn’t going to kill you).  If anyone tries it I’d be interested to know how it tastes.

I’ve also updated the few recipes on my site which didn’t have American conversions.  It’s really difficult to work out precise gram to cup measurements for ingredients, therefore some are approximations, but at least my visitors from the States can get a feel for the amounts involved and use a bit of trial and error to get the recipes to (hopefully) work.  Happy cooking!


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