Tooth Extraction – 1 week on

Soooo, it’s been 8 days now since I had my upper molar out. It’s not been the most fun week of my life but I’m incredibly thankful I’ve had no complications, such as the dreaded dry socket or any infection.

ME-wise, the extraction really knocked me about for 3 days and I slept a lot and felt very fluey, but I was a good girl and did nothing but rest and miraculously I perked up on day 4 like nothing had happened 🙂 .

Mast cell wise I definitely had a small flare, sneezing and itching like it was going out of  fashion.  Within hours of the procedure my tongue also developed a disgusting thick yellow coating, which only went when the bruising and swelling resolved on about day 5 (I usually wake with a white coating on my tongue which I scrape off every day, but nothing near as yukky as this).  No idea what it was all about, but definitely seems to be some kind of immune-related symptom (usually tongues are linked to the stomach, but to come on so suddenly only hours after the extraction a stomach-related explanation simply doesn’t fit).

Pain-wise this week hasn’t been a bundle of laughs.  If I could have taken painkillers it would have been bearable, but without drugs the pain was intense for a good 3 days and even now the whole of that side of my face is sore.  I’m fairly sure my already painful and subluxing jaw was damaged during the procedure and is causing me as many problems as the actual extraction site.  Even my lower teeth have been painful and achy, and my cheek bone which contained the roots of the molar is still very sore and tender to the touch.

My stitches are still in, though should be dissolving in the next 3 days – if not, I’ll have to pop back to hospital and have them physically removed.  I really don’t think the extraction site will heal properly until the stitches, which are really irritating my gum, have gone.

I had significant swelling and bruising on my face, neither of which I was warned about or prepared for.  At one stage I really did look like someone had clobbered me!  It was 6 days before both the bruising and swelling disappeared, though my gum still feels swollen and bruised internally.  I do take forever to heal from things, and really don’t think I’ll be back to normal or able to eat on that side of my mouth for several weeks yet.  Again, I’m sure if I could have taken some ibuprofen to help the inflammation it wouldn’t have been nearly so bad.  Instead I had to make do with spending half the first 3 days lying on an ice pack freezing my bits off 😉 .

My biggest fear is that some kind of regional pain syndrome develops, as currently all my upper and lower teeth on the right side of my face are aching and painful – quite why my lower teeth should be sore is flummoxing me!

I still can’t eat hard foods, like toast or biscuits, but at least am eating soft things OK and the nausea has gone.

On the whole I wouldn’t look forward to having it done again any time soon, but if I ever did need another extraction I wouldn’t be concerned.

On a different topic, I now have a physiotherapy appointment for my hip…………in a months time *sigh*.  If I’d been happy to see any old physio I could have had something sooner, but it needs to be the senior Rheumatology woman I saw last year who at least has some knowledge of EDS and who I have faith in.  In the meantime I’ll just continue to hobble stiffly around yelling “for FUCKS sake!” every time my joint pops out and a searing pain shoots down my leg 😉


8 thoughts on “Tooth Extraction – 1 week on

  1. Marley

    I’m sorry you had so much pain with that tooth. I had a totally different experience at my Dentist last week for the final fitting of a crown on my rt upper molar.

    I awoke that day with bone pain and took a pain pill with 5 mg of hydrocodone and 325 mg of Tylenol. I took my usual H1 and H2 blockers, Zyrtec 10 mg and Pepcid 20 mg. I was 15 minutes late due to my brain fog when leaving the house. I took a Benadryl 50 mg right before the procedure.I received laughing gas during the procedure and felt only one sharp instant of pain. I went to sleep when I got home after taking my usual meds and another pain pill. I woke up Wednesday, all confused for missing Tuesday, but in no pain and with no antibiotic. I was told to watch for any soreness and come in if I felt any infection. It was a minimal procedure compared to what you had done. I wish you didn’t have so much pain. Marley


  2. Gordon R Burns

    Hi, I am in USA and read tooth extraction carefully. I am TEMP. 4 years to diagnose so was pretty far down the Rabbit Hole when I started Antihistamines December 22 2013. Question: What Medication did they give you during the extraction? I have Appt.with Allergy next week to skin test lidocaine and other ‘Cains’ Also have Appt with Periodontist to do full head scan for bone loss etc. I see you have been Ill/housebound for 20 years! Believe it or Not that has given me the Courage to accept this disease and be Grateful I am still alive. I’ve thrown Bitterness and Anger out the Door. To my surprise I feel better. Many Good Thoughts, Nancy Burns


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Hi Nancy

      I have anaphylaxis to almost all drugs, so all I had for the extraction was a very short-acting local anaesthetic (I do fine with local anaesthetic as it doesn’t enter the blood stream). If I could have taken pain killers or anti-inflammatories afterwards my post-extraction symptoms wouldn’t have been nearly so bad, but I can’t so just had to get through the pain and swelling best I could.

      Yes, I was bedridden for 10 years with M.E. following meningitis infection on holiday in Africa – I’m just glad I can now self care and drive again etc. Of course the Ehlers-Danlos and Mast Cell Disease have been with me from birth – I just didn’t know it!

      Jak x


  3. kneillbc

    Ouch!!! I’m so sorry you’re sore! I can explain one thing though- the reason your lower jaw is sore. The upper and lower jaw share the same nerve- the trigeminal nerve. It has three branches that join together, and then run along the side of your jaw, and then in towards the spine through a space at the back of your jaw, right in front of your ear. (So, that facial anatomy class I had to take for speech-language pathology was good for something after all!) If you have inflammation at that location, your whole face will hurt- especially the upper and lower jaw. As long as the nerve isn’t damaged, it ‘should’ settle down when the inflammation goes down. Can you tolerate topical arnica? If you can, it might help speed up the healing process.

    The tongue thing- I get it too when my mast cells are on overload. The doctors kept saying it was thrush (a yeast overgrowth), but it wasn’t receptive to any treatments- and it didn’t feel at all like thrush, which I’ve had before. Whatever it is seems to wax and wane along with how reactive I am. The other week I went for almost four weeks without my Xolair, and my tongue got all furry, and then blotches of smooth appear when it gets even worse, and those patches hurt- a lot. Two days after the Xolair injection, my tongue was almost completely healed.

    Has the underlying pain from the problematic tooth gone at least? Or is it too early to tell? Fingers crossed it was all worth it!!



    1. bertieandme Post author

      Thanks for the nerve info Karen, it explains a lot. Too early to tell if the original tooth pain has gone as the whole area is still too sore!

      No candida here either – the first thing my Doctor did was take a tongue scraping to check for yeasts etc. Mine is also worse depending on how my general health is doing, so it’s obviously tied in to the immune system IMHO.

      Jak x


  4. Marley

    Can the white coating on the tongue be thrush(yeast, Candida) and treated with Nystatin swish and spit? Since both our immune systems are challenged everyday due to funky mast cells, could scraping of the tongue allowed minor abrasion and yellow bacteria colonies to form? Were you given any directions to do warm salt water rinse and spit?
    I wonder if your lower jaw pain could have been a result of the pressure the Physician applied when he removed the upper tooth. He must have had to anchor his hand in a steady position, like your lower jaw. Marley


    1. bertieandme Post author

      My GP did a tongue scraping to check for yeasts etc and it was clear, so she’s none the wiser what the coating is either. I asked in my support group and it’s really common amongst all the MCAD people.

      Yes, I’ve been doing the salt water rinse every 2 hours for a week – I was paranoid about the cavity not getting infected as I struggle to take antibiotics!

      I was bruised along the bottom of my face, so it could definitely be from the doctor leaning on me during the extraction. I was a bit pissed at him, cos I did ask he didn’t do that because of my dodgy neck and jaw, but he really didn’t seem to care about my EDS issues at all :-/



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