New Recipe

I usually wait a while until I have several new recipes to post, but I’m so happy with this dish I couldn’t wait to share it.

Even before going low histamine I was fussy about my curries. I don’t like dry curries, I don’t like watery curry sauces, and I don’t like anything where one flavour (like ginger) dominate. I prefer thick, creamy, Balti-style sauces that aren’t so mild they’re tasteless, but aren’t so hot they blow the roof of your mouth off. It took me 2 years to find a curry recipe I liked and that involved a bought Balti sauce. I thought making curry on a low histamine diet, where curry powder, bought pastes and yoghurt are banned, was going to be impossible. I was, thankfully, wrong 🙂

You do have to think ahead with this recipe though, and will need a jar of Red Pepper Sauce (see the Jams & Sauces Section for recipe) in order to make the Thai Curry Sauce, and the Thai Curry Sauce (see the Miscellaneous Section for recipe) in order to make the Curry.  If you wanted to, you could make up the Thai Curry Sauce in advance though there’s plenty of time to do it while the vegetables are cooking………so long as you already have your jar of Red Pepper Sauce handy (I make several jars at once, keep them in the freezer and just defrost as needed) and the ingredients for the Thai Sauce all chopped and prepared.

This curry really is delicious. And what’s more, it is both gluten-free and dairy-free!  I like to serve it with a side order of poppadums and mango chutney.  See the Main Courses Section of the Recipe page for details.


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