Weekly roundup

I am hormonal, as grumpy as a bear with a thorn up its backside and I think I had my third hot flush in a cafe yesterday – at any rate I was stripped off to my vest, dripping sweat and with a face like a Belisha Beacon while everyone else sat in their anoraks staring at me 😉  Although they could have been staring at me because I was sat there laughing like a raving lunatic.  I couldn’t help myself.  I am reading one of the funniest books ever and virtually every page makes me chuckle.  It’s 20 years old, but being as though I can’t remember books I read last week I obviously can’t remember reading it first time round so am having another bash.  It’s called ‘Lost for words’ by Deric Longden (you can only buy it 2nd hand in print, but it’s available for download on Kindle from Amazon) and is Deric’s true story about the aftermath of his wife’s death, his dotty mother and finding the new love of his life.

I read Deric’s first book, ‘Diana’s Story’ before I ever got M.E..  I absolutely loved it and had no clue how it would eventually resonate with my own life.  Diana had a crippling, exhausting, painful disease which had no name but everyone, including Deric, now thinks was M.E.  It was made into a brilliant TV drama called ‘Wide Eyed & Legless’ which I still remember watching.  Anyone with a Kindle absolutely must download and read this book, even if they don’t have M.E. – it’s a gem.

Other than that I’ve had a very frustrating week of technical hell.  3 weeks ago my internet stopped working properly.  I thought it was just me until I found an 11 page thread online full of people with exactly the same issues.  After much grumbling, increasing frustration and threats to demand a refund on our monthly subscriptions, BT finally agreed there is a problem but have no clue what’s causing it or how to fix it.  On top of all that my printer died.  Again, there is a known “dreaded ink system failure” issue with certain HP printers which HP don’t even acknowledge or want to fix.  Type HP “ink system failure” into Google and you get about 370,000 results.  Having tried all the solutions my printer is still lying there with its tongue hanging out, obviously terminally ill (although, to give it its due it is about 8 years old).  So I’ve reserved a new one at Argos and am off to collect it this morning, en route to having lunch with one of my best mates K who has taken pity on me and my grumpy arse and is getting me out of the house.

Before I go I’m just letting you know that I have a food post, with several new recipes, waiting in the wings which I promise I’ll publish some time this week.  I’m just tweeking the recipe for Cornish pasties, and am waiting to see how my berry iced lollies, currently setting in the freezer, turn out first.


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