In my last post I mentioned I’ve been having a problem with my right hip for 3 or 4 weeks now.  I have no idea what set it off, I joke woke up one morning with shooting pains every time I rotated it and an ominous and very loud clicking noise.  I’ve never had a problem with this hip before and just carried on as normal and hoped it would go away.  No such luck.

It’s now clicking several times a day and is really painful when I turn over in bed.  It’s stiff as a board first thing in a morning and the rest of the day there’s a dull ache deep in the joint which radiates down my front thigh to my knee.  It’s painful to walk or rotate my leg and hurts just sitting upright in bed.  After 3 weeks the Sacro-illiac joint at the bottom of my spine is now also really painful and my left hip is starting to click.  My entire pelvic region is seriously out of whack.

Usually when I sprain or strain a ligament I rest up, slather on some Ibuleve gel, and either buddy tape the joint or use a splint or brace to immobilize the area until it’s starting to heal.  But I’ve never had a large joint injury before (well, apart from my SI joint when my physio ordered 3 weeks of total bed-rest and the wearing of an SI belt, which thankfully did the trick), and have no idea how to manage it.

I haven’t been doing much as I’ve been on stay-cation for a week and in any event I have M.E. and spend most of my day in bed.  The only time I’ll be resting more is when I’m dead.

I was discharged from Physiotherapy last year as they’d done all they could for me, but the Physio was really nice so I thought it was worth a call to ask if she could offer me any advice.  Sod’s Law, she was on holiday.  The receptionist said she’d try to get one of the other physios to ring me, but that they were short staffed and really busy.  Good job I didn’t hold my breath or I’d’ve died of oxygen deprivation.

My next port of call was my GP.  The first appointment I could get was with some doctor I’d never heard of on 28th August (my own GP is also on holiday and then has a back-log so huge I probably won’t get to see her until 2015).  So I thought “sod it” and made an emergency appointment, even though it’s not an emergency.  But when I told my Mum she said the Doctor is really nasty if you see them for an emergency appointment and it’s not an emergency, and as I’m already feeling fragile and a bit tearful, I cancelled it.

I sat and cried for half an hour, then got my oomph back and rang and asked to speak to the Practice Manger.  I told her the story and that I was worried I might actually dislocate the hip if it was left un-managed until I could see a GP in 3 weeks time and asked her what I should do.  She agreed I needed some advice and said she’d get the Duty Doctor to call me this afternoon.  Which, to give him his due, he did.  This was the ensuing conversation:

“So, what’s the problem?”
I explain, saying I’d never had hip problems before, it was getting worse and I was concerned it would dislocate.
“Can you walk?”
“Yes, though it’s painful”
“Can you rotate it?”
“Yes, but it’s painful”
“Well the good news is it’s not dislocated”.  Shit, this guy’s good.
“My concern is that as it’s getting worse it will dislocate”.
“It’s a large, stable joint and it would take considerable force to dislocate it, so I wouldn’t worry.”  Which any EDSer knows is a blatant pile of crap.  I have sub-luxed my shoulder and torn the ligaments just stretching too far across the bed for the TV remote.  I have sub-luxed the most stable joint in the entire spine, and torn the ligaments, just by walking on some uneven ground.  And I sub-lux my jaw in my sleep every night of my life.
“You need to take some painkillers”
“I’m allergic”  This always stops them dead in their tracks, and you can physically hear their brain clogs whiring as they wonder what to suggest next.
“What do you usually do?”  So, he’s asking me for advice.  If I knew what to do you eejit, I wouldn’t be needing to speak to a Doctor.
“RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)”
“Well, I’d definitely try some ice and you need to rest more”  Now why didn’t I think of that?  No…….wait……. I already did and it isn’t bloody working.  And I’m not sure it’s even physically possible to compress a hip-joint, especially not with a 1″ strip of Kinesio tape.  And when I elevate my leg my hip hurts like a son-of-a-bitch.
“If it’s no better I’d be happy to see you at the surgery”  If I could get a shagging appointment we wouldn’t be chatting on the phone mate.
“Super.  Well, thanks for ringing Doctor”.  Bye, you useless fuck-wit.  And if, at any time in the future, my hip actually does dislocate I will sue your arse from here to outer-fucking-space!  Not that I’m bitter about the day’s events in any way.  Noooooooo 😉


7 thoughts on “Clickety-click

  1. Guenevere

    I absolutely feel your pain and frustration. I’ve spent the past five weeks in physical therapy for a bulging disc in my back, with my PT telling me that my hip pain is referred pain from my back. Until the hip kept getting worse and worse, so then today I had an x-ray, which my insurance will want prior to the MRI we all know is next. Yet, if it shows what I think it will show (a torn labrum), is there a point to knowing that? They will all throw up their hands, go through all the things that won’t work for me (steroid shots? No, they’re destructive to collagen. surgery? No, EDS means I am not a surgical candidate. Tape? No, my skin cannot tolerate tape. PT? Well, so far that’s making it worse, not better.) Then they stand around helplessly and ask me what I think. Just like you–if I knew, I’d have told them already. What *I* think is there isn’t any treatment, no one wants to think outside the box, and as I often say to myself on my own blog, “Stop going to the Doctor, stupid” or my other variation, “Back to Square One, and remember with EDS, there is ONLY square one.” I’m sorry they wasted your time and gave you a run around.

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    1. bertieandme Post author

      I love this comment, thank you Guenevere 🙂 I think I’m going to have “stop going to the Doctor, stupid” tattooed on my forehead 😉

      Sorry you’re going through a similar situation. What else can I say other than it sucks and you have my commiserations :-/

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  2. Kathy

    What a disappointing call. As I read your post and you got to the part where the Doctor was asking if you could rotate your leg and told you well it’s not dislocated, I knew you were trouble the Doctor has no clue. He is lost. I have given up on going to Doctor’s I say my prayers if I wake up to see another day then that is great. But I no longer have it in me to have some of my family members and uneducated medical staff treat me like I am an inconvenience looking for attention because I am a middle aged women that has never been married and has no children so now I dream, up things to get attention. You and I know there is zero truth to that. Out of extreme pain and extreme desperation we reach out to the medical community hoping we’ve missed something or that we will finally find some one that could give us some relief but more often than not we go without . I am so sorry to hear you are suffering. Just keep doing your best to keep yourself comfortable.

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  3. Expect Miracles

    Dear Clickety -Click, I’m sure you feeling like you’re in a “Sit-com comedy”? Except your ordeal and pain really isn’t funny (albeit, your dialogue of the conversation was quite amusing – and I really needed a chuckle today). I have a couple of suggestions – go to YouTube and search for Dr. John Bergman/hips. He is a Chiropractor and has numerous super helpful videos on just about all aspects of health plus he has a disdain for most doctors. As to the other suggestion, I am reluctant to post it as I don’t want to be deemed as soliciting for business, however there is a 100% organic botanical that has 36 natural occurring anti inflammatories, which has been researched and proven by the NIH and John Hopkins School of Medicine (both in the USA) to help with over 300 health conditions. FYI, I’m a Brit living in Dallas, Texas and will be happy to share the info upon request (it is available in the UK and many other countries around the world). Most important of all, keep thinking “Happy Cells” – your immune system will thank you!

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    1. Diane Hayes (Canada)

      Please check out pretty or type in Diana Driscoll. Have been on protocol for one week. Amazing changes. 60 years with severe EDS. I constantly move hip joints slightly out of place. Basketball trick works wonders for me. Still sore for about a week but at least it heals.



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