Weekly roundup

This week started on a low but has ended on a high 🙂

Monday I had my 4th root canal treatment in six weeks and I’m still not done.  I asked my Dentist to use less Lidocaine because after my last treatment I had a huge increase in my skippy heartbeats and felt really rough for the rest of the day.  I thought being as though I’d had the nerve removed from the tooth the treatment couldn’t possibly hurt, so less lidocaine would be fine.  Hmmmm, think again.   Two of the roots are clear but the third is still infected and having the infection scraped out hurt like hell.  The good news is I felt fine afterwards though, so the few minutes of pain was worth it.  I’ve now got my 5th temporary antibiotic dressing packed into the root and have to go back next week.  Got to be honest, I’m fed up to the back teeth (no pun intended!) of the whole thing.

A friend of mine is currently in hospital and has similar blood blisters to me.  She asked her Photo of Campbell de Morgan Consultant about them and they are Campbell de Morgan spots, very common, totally benign and nothing to worry about.  So that’s reassuring and one more mystery solved 🙂 .

I still have hives on my backside.  They’ve been ongoing now for about 6 weeks and have taken up new lodgings in the crack between my butt cheeks which they’ve never done before. I should start charging them rent 😉  The Birch pollen season has ended so I’m obviously reacting to something unknown.  I can tell my mast cells are twitchy because my bowel habits have gone down the toilet (no pun intended there either!).  Since going low histamine my life-long sluggish bowel has improved greatly and I now usually have a bowel movement every morning after breakfast.  But the past month this has gone haywire and I’m back to only pooping every 2-3 days and having to strain.  Consequently I feel bloated and a bit nauseous.  There is a definite correlation for me between how badly behaved my mast cells are and the health of my bowel movements – weird but not unsurprising considering the bowel is packed with mast cells.

Last year I was bitten alive by bugs every time I stepped out of my front door.  I’m wary about using regular insect sprays which contain pesticides like Deet due to my chemical reactions and just loathe the smell of Citronella, eugh!  Someone told me about Incognito, a totally natural insect repellent which uses eucalyptus maculata citriodora as its active ingredient.  It’s expensive for a tiny bottle, and to be honest I really didn’t think it would work, but I gave it a go anyway.  It’s brilliant stuff although it does have a very strong scent. I’ve been out in my garden, walking in woods and long grass when out with Bertie and I’ve not had a single bite, yayyy! Plus it’s effective against ticks and mosquitos.  Available online, or from Holland & Barret and selected Waitrose stores.

Another thing I’ve discovered and love is Hay Max hayfever balm, another totally natural and organic product.  It’s a vaseline based gel that you smear inside your nose, which traps pollen and stops it entering your respiratory system.  I can walk in woodland using this and not come back sneezing my head off 🙂  Widely available but I get mine from Boots.

The sun decided to shine on Wednesday and Thursday and I usually feel much better in nice weather.  I know I’m unusual in this respect, because most POTS, M.E. and MCAD patients feel rotten in hot weather or bright  sunshine, but it always makes me feel like a new woman (so long as it’s not roasting or too humid – a gentle dry heat of 19-23C is optimum for me).  My pain is greatly reduced and I usually have tons more energy.  The only downside is that I also feel a bit wired and my sleep goes awol (I got about 2 hours last night).

Monday is my appointment at the POTS and Syncope Clinic over in Newcastle.  I’ve waited 20 years to have my dysautonomia investigated at so I do hope the appointment is worth the 180 mile round trip!  I’ll report back next week on how it goes.

In the meantime it’s Father’s Day here in England tomorrow and I’m going out for lunch with my parents which I’m really looking forward to.  This is the view from the restaurant of where we’re going – I’m so lucky to live where I do 🙂 .

Photo curtesy of Google images.

Photo curtesy of Google images.








4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Jan Groh

    Just learned a new term for my cherry angiomas, thanks: Campbell de Morgan spots – sounds so much more sophisticated! that said, I noticed mine increased a lot when I started a Gatorade (US sports drinik) regimen briefly in 2012 to keep my BP up with potassium durin g a “storm” of EDS onset that made me quite POTSy, and have since read somewhere (can’t remember sorry) that they might be from increased bromine detoxing, which Gatorade used to have as “brominated vegetable oil” I think. (It has since been removed).
    Anyway, yes, nice to know they are totally benign if not very pretty.
    I’ve also since replaced Gatorade with carrot juice since I am allergic to coconut water, sigh. Bleeping MCs! Rock on.

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  2. Chris van Honschoten

    It looks like you might have a B12 or a B9 deficiency. If I remember correctly, the bacteria in your mouth needs L-Cysteine for food and produces acid. L-Cysteine is produced from Homosysteine and too much of that is because you’re lacking vitamin B9, B12, or both. Methylcobalamine (B12) acts as a coenzyme in the Homocysteine-Methyltetrahydrofolate (B9) reaction that uses up Homocysteine to form Methionine.

    Type II Cobalamin is usually present in your saliva and your stomach acid. Ironically, it is also needed in the build up your tooth enamel for it helps Calcium Carbonate somehow. Calcium Carbonate is the product that is used to help build up your enamel again. The mechanism is still under investigation as it is not yet clearly understood.

    I had one recommended root canal, several cavities, and more coming when I realized I was B12 deficient. Instead of having my root canal done, I decided to treat only the larger cavities, leaving the smaller one untreated. I took massive doses of sublingual methylcobalamin (>8mg/day), rinsed my mouth daily with coconut oil, and chewed and rinsed my mouth with Calcium Carbonate (for a few minutes) after each brush.

    Instead of doing the root canal, the dentist used the same treatment on my tooth requiring the root canal as she would with little children, gave me some antibiotics, and told me to come back if the pain returns. At home, I augmented the antibiotics with several heads of natural garlic (I let the acid absorb first in cooked white fish). The garlic made me stink, of course, but helped kill the bacteria.

    Five years later my cavities haven’t returned.



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