Weekly Roundup

Although I didn’t react to the local anaesthetic injection for my dental work last week I don’t think the same can be said of the temporary dressing he’s inserted in my tooth.  When he was putting the dressing in he some got on my tongue which really burned and ever since I’ve had a disgusting metallic/chemical taste similar to TCP in my mouth.  I’ve felt quite unwell all weekend, with my nervous system being buzzy, muscle weakness, blood pressure instability, spasms in my stomach and back, feeling nauseous and just generally not being right.   As is usual for me I’m just trying to ignore it all and will try and stick with it as I do need the dressing to calm the tooth nerve down, but if it gets worse this coming week I’ll have to re-think.  On the upside I’m sleeping really well after months of crappy insomnia – every cloud and all that 🙂 .

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, a few months ago I swapped from a short wig to a shoulder length wig, and have quite enjoyed having longer hair for the first time in 20 years.  However now that spring has arrived and I’m no longer wearing polo-neck sweaters I’m finding the synthetic hair is irritating the skin on my neck and shoulders 😦  So I decided to send for 4 new shorter wigs to try.  I usually use hothair.co.uk or naturalimagewigs.co.uk but couldn’t find anything new on there I fancied, so decided to try a different company called halowigs.co.uk.  As with any internet company I checked their terms & conditions, which stated they were happy to accept returns and give refunds and I also checked they were based in the UK which means they are governed by UK law.  I sent for 4 different wigs to try at a cost of £291, intending to send back the 3 I didn’t like.  But when they came they were all too big (I requested the petite size but was sent average) so I had to return them all.  Only the company aren’t letting me and I have a sneaking suspicion they are actually based in China!  I’ve now had to open a Paypal dispute which is really stressful.  £291 is a LOT of money which I simply can’t afford to lose 😦  Many people who wear wigs are doing so because they have cancer – how despicable is any company which tries to rob people who may be terminally ill?!  This is when I hope there really is such a thing as Karma.

I’ve had some great news this week though which I thought I’d share with you.  My little ???????????????????????????????rescue dog has been suffering intermittent lameness and some bone changes were found on a routine x-ray.  The vet was worried he might have a genetic disease which could cause his legs to fracture, so he needed a CT scan to have a closer look.  This was done on Wednesday and I’m delighted to report his joints are totally normal 🙂 🙂 .  We still have no clue what the lameness is all about, but the vet doesn’t think it’s anything serious or progressive such as arthritis, for which I am truly thankful.  My Mum is also doing much better again after a dreadful chest infection which made her very unwell, and we (Mum, Dad, me and dog!) are hoping to go out for lunch tomorrow to celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary – if my own health holds out!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. Marley

    I am glad your Dental visit went OK except for the dressing material aggravating your tongue. Bravo for getting an injection! That took courage. If I have the chance, I ask what medicine I am getting and write it down so as to know what I can handle, as in my case with the contrast used in my brain MRIs. Sorry about your wigs. Pay Pal can be aggravating. I thought about getting a wig, as fatigue is a major issue for me. I read today that nerve inflammation may be involved in M.E., but I’m not sure what causes the fatigue.
    I’m also glad your rescue dog is OK. I have a Chihuahua named Garcia who is a great comfort pet to me. Marley


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Marley 🙂 When I was looking for a dog I originally wanted a Chihuahua, but I always get rescue animals and couldn’t find one to re-home which is how I ended up with my Schnauzer.

      I can highly recommend having a wig. They take a lot of getting used to, but it takes me about 3 minutes to put it on then I have immaculate hair all day, even in rain and humidity – fabulous! Only needs washing every 7-10 days (literally soak for 5 mins in the sink then leave to drip dry overnight) and the synthetic ones are pre-styled, so when they dry they just bounce back into shape and only need a quick brush through. Jak x



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