Weekly roundup

I was putting my (pre-prepared in the morning when I have most energy) dinner together last night when I started feeling a bit strange.  I realised that every time I moved the room spun a little.  I managed to eat my meal feeling like I was on a moving ship before retiring to bed, only able to listen to the TV rather than actually watch the moving images.  I have these dizzy spells now and again (which can vary in intensity from mild, as this one was, to so severe I feel like I’ve spent a night downing tequila slammers – I wish!) and have no clue what they are or where they come from.  During my worst M.E. years they were frequent, but have thankfully become much less so as I’ve improved.  Still not nice though and I’m spaced out and feel weird this morning.  I took my blood pressure, which was fine, although I felt really hungry and still feel hungry this morning, so maybe my blood sugar is a bit off or I’m about to get a migraine (feeling abnormally hungry is one of my migraine warnings).

Speaking of blood pressure, I’ve now completed a whole month of readings and found something surprising.  The first day of my period my blood pressure was 119/39 (my diastolic was so low it was off the chart – a normal reading is 80!).  This gives a pulse pressure of 80 when it should be 40.  So, no surprises I feel totally crap during The Curse!  Be interesting to see if this is repeated next month.

My hives are back.  It’s no surprise, because I’m also sneezing, my eyes are sore and dry and my skin is itching.  The Birch pollen is obviously now in full flight and my body is rebelling.  I’m on Zyrtec, and using steroid cream on the hives, but they’re getting worse not better!  Nothing I take has any affect on them if I’m honest, so I just put up with them for a few weeks and try not to scratch my arse in public 😉 .

I spent a whole morning trying some new recipes out last week, including home-made Bounty bars, Mexican bean wraps and a vegetable Cobbler, which were all inedible.  It’s soul destroying to spend 3 exhausting, painful hours cooking only to end up with a bowl of Cornflakes for your dinner!  I’m determined to get the Bounty bars to work though, so watch this space 😉 .

I woke the other morning, got dressed, and took my dog out on my mobility scooter (I have a dog walker but can only afford week days so at weekends I take him myself).  As I trundled up the road I realized my leg was stinging.  Really stinging.  To the point where I wondered if I’d actually been stung by a wasp or something.  I couldn’t wait to get home to roll up my skinny jeans and find out what on earth was going on, and this is what I found:

Photo of scratchesWTF?!  All I’d done that morning was lie in bed, then pull my jeans on.  If I’d scraped my leg on something sharp enough to cause a wound this big it would have hurt and I would have noticed.  I have no clue where these huge scratches came from, and it took the rest of the week for them to fade.  I’m starting to think I share my bed with a poltergeist!!


3 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. bertieandme Post author

      Hi AllieCats

      I’ve had dermographia all my life and it wasn’t that. My dermographic wheals don’t sting and are never painful, though they do itch sometimes. I’ve had another go at the Bounty bars and so far no luck!

      Jak x


  1. kneillbc

    Funny- I was going to say Dematographia as well- until you said it took a week for them to go away. Another idea- check the inside of your jeans- I had a tiny burr that had gotten woven into the cotton of my jeans once- took me forever to figure out what it was. Most people wouldn’t have even noticed- but with my skin being thinner than tissue paper, it drove me nuts (and set off my dermatographia) until I finally figured it out, turned my jeans inside out and carefully went over the fabric with the inside of my wrist. Snipped it out with teeny scissors. Ahhh! Relief!

    The blood pressure thing is very interesting to me personally. When I’m reacting, my BP goes down for an hour or two, then wonky (like yours- with the top # ok, the bottom way off) for up to 6 hours, then high for a day or two. My first allergist said it was a classic symptom of ‘partial anaphylaxis’ or ‘anaphylactoid’ reactions. [He preferred the first term]. Could that be what’s going on with you?




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