Weekly roundup

OMG I don’t know where to start with this week’s roundup.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head for blog posts that I’ve had to make a list!  Look out for posts on hair, family, dental issues, GI and bladder problems, migraines/headaches and the confessions of a sick person to name a few.

Speaking of migraines, I had the night from hell on Tuesday.  I always have menstrual migraines, but this month I honestly thought I’d escaped the curse for a change.  I’d managed to get to day 5 of my cycle without so much as a twinge, but  I think my head was just storing it all up for one mega pain-fest.  I started to feel headachy at about 11am in the morning.  I put into action my usual plan (migraine gel strip, hot neck strip, lashings of Ibuprofen gel on my rigid neck muscles and loading up on carbs) which will sometimes nip things in the bud.  But as the day wore on the pounding started in earnest.  My migraines are usually right-sided, but this headache felt like it was all over – from the base of my skull right over the crown and coming down on to both eyes.  I settled down in bed at 10.30pm, hoping I’d be able to sleep it off, but my noggin had other ideas.  By midnight the pain had all shifted to the left-hand side.  This is never a good sign.  My right-sided migraines are bad enough, but the occasional ones I get on the left-hand side are always humdingers and this one was no exception.  By 4am I was literally crying with the pain and had to have a bucket next to the bed to puke into which I did for about 2 hours.  It wasn’t much fun and I hope it’s a long time before anything that severe happens again.

Despite having no sleep, and my head still throbbing, I had a big day ahead on Wednesday.  My little dog had a small operation on Tuesday to have a lump removed from his leg which is being checked for cancer.  He’s also had intermittent lameness since I got him, so while he was under sedation he also had his front legs x-rayed.  Unfortunately some changes were noticed in his elbow joints, so he now needs a CT scan to check for diseases like elbow dysplasia.  He’s only five and has a really active life – we’d both be devastated if he were sick.

My Mum hasn’t been well at all since leaving hospital 3 weeks ago, but it’s taken this long to get an appointment to see her GP.  I always go with her these days, as she really doesn’t follow anything the doctors are saying to her (and my Dad is even more muddled).  We’ve changed her medication slightly and I have to weigh her and check her blood pressure every day, and we go back for a follow-on appointment in 2 weeks.  The GP apt was at 7.30 at night though, and I’m usually in bed by 4pm and stay there until the next morning.  So to have zero sleep, have to be at the vets for 5.30pm, go and grab myself a bag of chips from the Chippy for supper, take my Mum to the health centre then go back to her house to sort her drugs out, it meant I wasn’t home til 9pm.  I didn’t so much get into bed as fall into it!

In the meantime my Dad was stressed to the eyeballs.  His Mum is 100 tomorrow.  She is diabetic, partially hearing, almost blind, incontinent and can’t walk.  She lives in sheltered housing but the warden is only on duty for 4 hours a day.  She has carers who come in for 30 mins three times a day, but the rest of the time her care is down to my Dad.  She’s so bloody stubborn she tries to walk on her own and falls every week without fail.  This week she banged her head and had to be carted off to hospital for a CT scan, where she stayed for 3 days due to a urine infection.  She came home at 4pm yesterday, and at 7pm my Dad received a phone call to say she’d fallen again!  He went off his head and I can’t blame him.  He has an ill daughter, a terminally ill wife and a sick Mother to look after.  The poor man is 74 years old and really struggles.  Enough already.  I’m ringing my Nan’s Social Worker today to have a little chat, in confidence, about the situation (my Dad tells her all is fine because to admit otherwise means he’s letting his Mum down).  My Nan needs round the clock residential care – we can’t carry on like this.

On top of all that I’ve had to resign my volunteer job.  As many of you know, I fell out with a friend recently and she put an email I’d sent her up on Facebook for 200 of her friends to comment on.  We share a dozen mutual friends, as we are all members of the 25% Group (a UK support group for people severely affected by M.E.), and some of these friends have now unfriended me (taken out of context I’m sure my email looked awful, but they were unaware of the events preceding it or any of the stress I’m currently under – they only got to hear one side of the tale and it wasn’t mine).  Having been discussed, dissected and vilified on my former friend’s Facebook page my job as a volunteer Board member of the 25% Group became untenable.  You can’t offer support to people who all think you’re a vile human being.  I’ve been a Board member for 14 years now, so it’s a crying shame I’d been forced to quit.  My boss is absolutely livid about the situation and pleaded with me to stay, but I’d been placed in an impossible situation and didn’t feel able to.  I told him to contact my former friend and ask if she’ll volunteer her services to the Group for the next 14 years – I’m thinking probably not.

My Plan to have a less stressful 2014 appears to’ve packed its bags and run off screaming into the hills.  I need a new Plan, one which preferably involves an £80million lotto win or being swept off my feet by the Prince of a small but wealthy nation (although I’m not fussy and would settle for a nice trained masseur or physical therapist – just, dear God, no more beef farmers 😉 ).


4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. playingthehandiwasdealt

    I’m sorry things have been such a mess; sounds like my life (even a tooth ordeal). I really can’t–but can–believe what your former “friend” did to you within a group for those who are chronically ill. Wow, I have some traitorous friends who took a hike when I got sick ions ago, but that story even tops mine I think. What is wrong with people–seriously?!

    Hang on to hope that 2014 will turn around–I’m doing the same thing as it’s only March and you know, just twiddling my thumbs over here in the meantime.
    A 🙂


  2. playingthehandiwasdealt

    And I forgot to send well wishes to your dog. My cat is a cancer survivor (twice over) and has her own category on my blog because she’s my whole life. I’m sending positive vibes it’s something benign and that nothing serious is going on with his elbows, either. As for us, I think it takes a sick human to care enough to fight for the life of a sick pet. I’m not sure who has more medical bills, but hers are worth every penny.


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your best wishes for my little furry boy. In the UK animals get far better treatment than humans. I can get a vet appt in 24 hours, but it takes 3½ weeks to see my GP, and I can get my dog a CT scan in 7 days but would have to wait 4 months for one myself! His insurance is only £15 a month, yet if I took our private health insurance it would be about £200 a month. It stinks when you think about it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. playingthehandiwasdealt

        It’s the same here, except for the vet insurance (and human insurance), which is very pricey, so I have to pay big cash for her and being on disability, it’s hard. When her cancer came back after 4 years last June, we went from biopsy with her vet to results to the oncologist again within 10 days or so. At her super-duper specialty care center, she got a CT scan the same day due to the scary type of cancer she has again and surgery was scheduled within a couple of days if I recall and all sorts of accommodations were made for me (unheard of) so that I could drop off/pick up after hours due to my vision and driving issues. She’s also on an off-labeled, targeted cancer drug that I really believe is keeping her healthy after more than 8 mos and it’s less than $50/mo (USD there). If that were a human cancer drug, it would be in the thousands.

        I honestly want to cover myself in fur and become a patient at her clinic, because even if she hates it, I would have all the specialists I need without the incompetence, long waits, etc. And they’re so nice and caring!!! Food for thought if you get desperate.

        ARGH! I really thought healthcare in the UK was better from all the Brits I talk to on WP. Well, I do think it’s much more affordable–I spent around $13k in medical in 2012 and have insurance. :/

        Gee, sorry for the rant! 🙂 I’ve so had it it’s beyond funny.



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