New Recipes

I’ve had some food disasters recently, which is a bit soul-destroying when you have such limited energy, have spent 3 hours cooking with your back breaking and your hands hurting, feel waffy and weak from all the standing about and then it doesn’t turn out quite as planned!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I made some rhubarb jam but mistakenly used caster instead of granulated sugar so it didn’t set.  So last week I made it with the proper sugar…………and it still didn’t set 😦  I’ve never had this problem before, and think it’s because the rhubarb is forced and very immature and doesn’t contain enough natural pectin.  So I bought some pectin, emptied the jam back into my jam pot, re-boiled it, added half a bottle of pectin and re-jarred it.  And it still hasn’t set.  Arrgghhhhhh!  Will have another go with the rest of the pectin but after that I’m admitting defeat 😉

I have made a passable Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce though which I’m fairly happy with (see Recipe Page).  On my first attempt I used 2 very large chillies and cut them up with my bare hands, which then felt like they’d been passed under a blow torch for the next 12 hours!  Note to self: wear gloves next time 😉 .  The sauce also blew my head off!  If you want a hot sauce you can use 2 chillies but I prefer a milder version so just use 1.  The lemon juice isn’t vital if you don’t want to use it, but I think it does help the flavour.  I seem to eat quite a lot of Chilli Sauce – it’s particularly nice to dunk chips (French fries) in or with my Quorn burgers.  I also make a Salmon, stir-fry veggie and noodle dish (yes, I eat fish!) which I toss in Chilli Sauce and it’s gorgeous.  I find a lot of low histamine foods quite bland, and the Chilli Sauce livens things up well.

Photo of chilli dipping sauce

Desperate for something new to have for dinner I’ve made a Lentil Loaf which seems quite versatile.  I had it hot in slices with Yorkshire pudding and a sweet potato/carrot casserole, but you can also eat it cold for lunch on its own, or warmed up with some baked beans.  You can change the taste of the loaf by adding chilli sauce instead of the mango chutney or tomato-free sauce – you need something to give it some flavour though as a lentil loaf on its own is really bland.  You could also try adding some crushed nuts if you tolerate nuts, or various herbs.  Just experiment and use your imagination.

photo of lentil loafAs I mentioned in an earlier blog post I’ve also been trying out carob chip cookie recipes.  I looked everywhere for carob chips that didn’t contain soya lecithin and couldn’t find any, so I ended up making my own which was actually dead easy  (see the Dessert section of the recipe page and scroll down).

Photo of carob chipsI tried 3 cookie recipes and finally settled on this one which is based on an American recipe.  They taste fine, but I’m still not happy with the texture.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but I like my biscuits crunchy whereas these cookies have a softer, more cake-like, texture.  I’m putting the recipe up on the site anyway as you might like the texture, but I’m still hunting for a crunchy recipe and will add it when I’ve found one I like (again, see the Dessert section of the recipe page and scroll down).

Photo of carob chip cookies


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