Weekly roundup

Life has been tough in recent weeks, but it could always be tougher.  Driving home in the car yesterday, singing along to Pharrell on the radio and trying to clap and steer at the same time, I found myself being thankful for so many things:

  • My Mum didn’t die.  I ring her every day at 9am and just hearing her say “morning angel” makes my day.
  • I’m feeling pretty rubbish following my virus (sleep gone AWOL, joints slipping all over the place, huge pain flare up, very weak and fatigued) but I’m not bedridden and am able to do my bit to care for my Mum for which I’m eternally grateful.
  • My friends have been really supportive in all sorts of ways.
  • The furry gob-on-legs which is my dog Bertie gives me 10 reasons a day to be cheerful.
  • Spring is in the air, and I managed to take my camera out for the first time in months because the rain let up for a whole hour (for those unaware, Britain has been flooded since Christmas!).

It could be a lot worse.

Photo of a recent sunset

Sunset captured when out with Bertie late one afternoon.

Photo of Gerberra

One of the Gerberras my Mum received in a bouquet.

I apologise for not including any new recipes on my blog lately – I’ve just been too shattered to try anything new, although I did put up my recipe for creamy vegetable pancakes recently just in time for Shrove Tuesday on 4th March (click on the lunches section of the recipe page and scroll down).

Photo of Savoury pancake

I was getting a bit panicky as I used my last jar of home-made rhubarb jam last month and rhubarb wasn’t in season and available to buy.  But last week I noticed Tesco had some early forced rhubarb in stock, so I excitedly bought some and made 4 gorgeous pots of jam.  At least it was supposed to be jam only in my tired and brain fogged stupor I used caster sugar instead of granulated and it didn’t set.  The upside being I had stewed rhubarb and ice-cream for pudding last night and it was absolutely delicious 😉 .

I’ve also been trying out cookie recipes but haven’t perfected one enough yet to put online.  Many of the recipes I’ve tried have been American and they never, ever work.  I’m starting to wonder if our food, as well as our measurements, are very different.  Some of the savoury recipes I’ve tried have used 3-4 cloves of garlic, for example, for a 2 person serving.  If I used this much garlic it would blow my head off and taste of nothing but garlic!  I also tried a cookie recipe that used so much flour it would have made enough biscuits to feed the entire village.  Not sure what’s going on there, as I do have American cups to measure with, but the cultural cooking divide is clearly much larger than I originally thought.  So I apologise to any of my overseas followers who have tried my British recipes and found they’ve turned out crap 😉 .


4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. E. Milo

    A funny thing happened after reading this post: I haven’t been sleeping in a long while and I have a tendency to lie in my dark room for hours and hours, hoping that sleep might return (it never ever has). But, this made me get out of bed and open the blinds and the sun is STREAMING in. I’m cross-eyed with exhaustion, but this lifted my spirits. Then I texted my Mum and best friend in Dublin and said, “when can you Skype?” I haven’t Skyped with them in many, many months- I’d day over 6- because voice fails me so quickly and i get very weak from talking, but your Mum saying “morning angel” just turned my head around. That’s what’s important. More contact with family. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Ps whereabouts in England are you?


    1. bertieandme Post author

      What an awesome comment – it made me a bit tearful, but in a good way 🙂 I live in the beautiful, if very wet and cold, Lake District (otherwise known as Cumbria). We must have Irish connections in our past though, because when I did my genes on 23andme my ancestry was 23% British Irish and we have lots of red heads in my Mum’s family x


      1. E. Milo

        You’re not too far from my best friend’s family in Bradford, I think. We have a dream that one day I’ll be healthy enough to visit… Maybe I’ll come visit you in a decade or two. The image I have of your neighbourhood is lovely. 🙂


        1. bertieandme Post author

          It’s a date 😉 Bradford is also in the north west, maybe about 2 hours south from me in a car. I live just 40 miles from the border with Scotland so if I ever bag myself a man we can elope to Gretna Green! Yes, the Lake District is beautiful – gets very crowded with visitors in summer, but thankfully I live just north of the National Park so it’s much quieter where I am – nothing but green fields, mountains, rivers, sheep and cows. Oh and rain. Lots and lots of rain so remember to bring your wellies 😉



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