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Norovirus, I’m discovering, is an evil bitch and I feel like something my dog dug up.  But at least the diarrhoea has finally stopped (I hope!) after 4 days of being BFFs with my loo and I managed to eat a slice of toast this morning – fanfare please 😉

I was going out of my mind worrying about my Mum from my bed, but finally got to speak to her on the phone yesterday so felt much happier last night.  She is out of danger and actually might be sent home tomorrow if things continue to go well.  She’s a complete trooper and was in really good spirits when we chatted.  She’s made friends with the other 4 women on the ward who are all in with heart issues and it sounds like they’re all having a right old chin-wag lol!  I don’t want to go into any more details about my mum as she’s a very private person, but just wanted to thank everyone for your kind wishes, hugs and messages of support during this absolutely god-awful week.

Regarding the situation I blogged about the other day, I’m so sorry to hear that many of you have found yourself in similar positions over the years.  We all lose our rag with people when we are at low points in our lives and reach the end of our tethers, but simply don’t expect our arguments to appear on social networking sites for the world to see.  Not only is this immoral, it is also illegal.  Emails are subjected to copyright in the same way as if you write a book or take a photograph.  They cannot be shared or reprinted either in part or full without the permission of the owner (ie the person who wrote the email).  As soon as I heard that my private email had appeared online I reported the incident to Facebook – they have a special section which deals with Intellectual Property infringement.  They have the authority to immediately remove the content, which has now happened (whether by Facebook or the individual themselves I’ll never know).  That’s something I guess.  I now have to make a decision whether to take legal action for emotional distress or similar (because this situation now involves so many people it has consequences for my volunteer work which I won’t go into details about) – I’ll mull it over when less ill.  I just thought I’d point this legal recourse out to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.  We are not children in a playground.  We are grown adults with reputations at stake and this sort of behaviour can ruin lives.

I am so drained, both physically mentally and emotionally, I may be quiet again for a bit but will be back when I can and hopefully back to my usual self.  Love to all x


One thought on “Law & Support

  1. Jenn

    Hi again from across the pond. I’m happy firstly to hear your Mum is improving-what positive news. Will continue to keep her in my thoughts. And hope your virus wraps up its business soon too. Any amount of days near the loo are a drag! For other reasons, I know that too well.
    As for legal course on FB; I didn’t know you could report peeps and am happy to know this (in case any of future nonsense) and glad you got it taken down. It’s sheer madness that you had to deal with this along with your ongoing health issues, but clearly some people only care about themselves and that is just nasty. I always feel better when I’ve been proactive on any issue, so good for you! As for following it further; only you know if that’s helpful to you. Definitely not an easy road to go down and you, your family and you’re health are most important. Hope you finds some peace and a good rest while fighting the virus off! Keep getting better and “we” look forward to your return when you can.

    Love and hugs, Jenn



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