Tests part 2

My trip to London on Tuesday to have my histamine and DAO tests didn’t quite go to plan.  In fact it didn’t go at all.  Monday afternoon I felt really unwell – achy, fluey and so exhausted I spent the entire afternoon sleeping.  I’d done a little bit of gardening on the Sunday, just having a tidy up ready for winter, so I assumed I was having a bad ME day following on from that.  But by evening the room started to spin and my head started to hurt.  A lot.  I assumed I was starting with a migraine and hoped if I could get some sleep it might have gone by morning (who was I kidding?!).  Thankfully I dropped straight off, but woke at 1am feeling absolutely awful: my nose was streaming, I was aching, shivering, my chest hurt and my head felt like it was splitting in two.  Yes my friends I’d gone down with a stonking cold.  What are the flippin odds of that happening?!  It was obvious I was in no fit state to even get out of bed, let alone travel to London.  So at 6am Tuesday morning I cancelled my tickets.  I was so incredibly frustrated and disappointed I wanted to cry.

However, it turns out it could all have been a blessing in disguise.  My plan was to re-book forPhoto of a hive next week, but tonight when I was in the bath I felt an itch………..on my behind.  Yipppeeee I have two hives, one on my left buttock and one on my right 🙂 .  The best possible time to be tested, other than straight after a reaction, is when you’re symptomatic.  I only usually get about 4 outbreaks a year, so I’m happy happy happy that I’m having one now.  I’m not putting any steroid cream on the hives, even though they’re itching like mad, in the hope that they’ll get worse or multiply – sitting on a train for 6½ hours on Friday trying not to scratch a crazily itchy arse is going to be a challenge 😉 .   I won’t get the results of the tests for some weeks, but I’ll update my blog when I do.

Autumn has most definitely arrived here in England, and today has been absolutely miserable.  I’d forgotten how crap it is to have to walk my little dog under dark skies in howling gales and lashing rain (not that he cares one iota, though he does moan when I go to put his little dog coat on, which he thinks makes him look like a pansy!).  To help fight off my cold and keep me warm I’ve added a tasty recipe for Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Soup to the Recipe Page (just scroll down).   It makes enough for 6 people so I freeze it in individual portions, though I do have to remember to get it out of the freezer and pop it in the fridge 24 hours before I want to eat it as it does take ages to defrost.


8 thoughts on “Tests part 2

  1. addercatter

    It’s very odd to say this, but I’m so glad you’ve broken out! I know what it’s like to try to explain symptoms to a doctor when they aren’t presenting at that time. This was perfect timing for you! Yay! I hope you get some answers 🙂


  2. Sonia Johnson

    In the nicest possible way hope you carry on itching 🙂 Im still counting down to the 8th November when I see Prof Howarth at Southampton Hospital. I am not looking forward to having to stop taking my tablets as my skin is in hyper drive currently wish I could upload you a picture. Whilst trying to carve the sunday roast my wrist seemed to go pop and I ended up locked dropping the carving knife and joint then Monday the same happened to my ankle so that feels like it has locked in weird and painful position. All that whilst trying to attend interviews for a new job as I just can not continue on £71 ESA

    So fed up with it all


    1. bertieandme Post author

      I really really hope you have a good appt Sonia – will be keeping everything crossed for you. Wonder what the joint popping is all about? I think you said you weren’t hypermobile in any way or have stretchy skin, so that rules out Ehlers-Danlos for you. Very odd.

      Re finances: I see all the headlines about scroungers living off benefits and getting tens of thousands of pounds a year from the State but this only works if you a) live in rented accommodation, b) spend all your money on fags, booze and the latest technology and therefore have no savings and c) have children under 16. If you own your own home (ie. are mortgaged up the hilt) you get no help to pay that, if you have even meagre savings you’re penalized for them, and if you don’t have children you qualify for bugger all (yet it costs just as much to heat a home with one person living in it as it does for a family of 4, and all your bills such as water rates, council tax, etc cost just the same too!). How on earth someone is supposed to live off £71 a week is beyond me – I spend £60 at Tescos just on my groceries! There has been a 3 fold increase in people using Food Banks in this country in the last 2 years, and you can see why – it’s shameful that a Western country is starving its own citizens while bringing down the top rate of income tax for the highest earners. x


      1. Sonia Johnson

        Hi Jak. Thank you so much for your message. I went today but sadly didn’t get to see Prof Howarth but one of his team !! All I can say is that after paying over £5 to get my car out of the hospital car park I spent over an hour sat in a layby crying my eyes out. All she did was skin prick tests to things I already know I reacted to and when I said I had been referred for MCAD investigation I was told that’s a very rare illness causing lots of problems which according to her I didn’t have. safe to say I feel very depressed, tearful and at a total loss as to what I can do now.
        Love and hugs
        Sonia x


        1. bertieandme Post author

          I’m gutted for you 😦 I’ve got a bit of a migraine so struggling to be on the computer. I’ll send you a private email tomorrow – don’t give up hope, we’ve all been there with crap hospital appointments and there is *always* another avenue to try. Hugs xxx



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