Suddenly Sneezing

A couple of weeks ago a new symptom developed.  About an hour after my dinner one night my nose suddenly started to prickle.  It’s the weirdest feeling – not an itch, but a feeling like there are little ants crawling under the skin in my nose.  My nose wasn’t blocked or runny and I didn’t suddenly start to sneeze, just prickle and feel like my nasal cavities were inflamed and raw.

I wondered if I were starting with a cold, but it’s been 2 weeks now and no virus has appeared.  The prickling, however, remains and is accompanied by dry sore eyes, a fuzzy head, constant headache and feeling super tired and exhausted every second of the day (I can’t keep my eyes open past 9pm).  In other words, classic hay fever symptoms.  I’ve woken 3 or 4 times at 3am and started to sneeze my head off.  Had a good sneezing session then gone straight back to sleep.  I also have a huge sneezing session about an hour after I wake, but then it settles down and I really don’t sneeze much for the rest of the day.  Again, no blocked nose and no itching, but I do have constant post-nasal drip which is making my throat really sore especially first thing in the morning.

Being as though my skin prick tests in June showed a mild allergy to dogs I do wonder if this has suddenly escalated and I’ve become more allergic to my furry child (although he’s a Mini Schnauzer, which are classed as very low allergy dogs as they don’t shed fur).  But I don’t sneeze when I’m near my dog, and my symptoms are often best in the evening when we are cuddled up together.  Just in case, however, I spent a fortune on an Allergy UK approved air purifier which is supposed to filter animal dander, as well as pollens, dust etc.  Despite running it 24/7 though it’s not made a jot of difference.

I really am clueless as to what this nose thing is all about.  It’s now mid-August, which means we are coming to the end of the pollen season here in England.  My skin prick tests showed I wasn’t grass, mould or fungal spore allergic and I also tested negative for dust mites.

At the moment I can’t try an anti-histamine nasal spray or tablet, because I’m currently trialing Ranitidine (an H2 anti-histamine, brand name Zantac) for my stomach acid/mast cell issues – results to come in a future blog post.  You can only try one drug at a time so that you know if you’re reacting to that and not something else.  So for the next few weeks at least I’m just going to have to suffer, which really is no fun because I feel like I have a permanent cold.  If any of you have any thoughts on what could be going on please share (bearing in mind I’ve tested negative for allergies to dairy and wheat).


3 thoughts on “Suddenly Sneezing

  1. Lindsay

    i have been having issues very similar to yours as well! i have dysautonomia and at my appointment with my doctor yesterday, he recommended i start taking zantac as well. i’ve been tested and have allergies to mold and dust mites, but even with antihistamine treatment and staying away from mold and dust mites, i still have certain days where i can’t stop sneezing. very frustrating!


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Hi Lindsay

      Sorry to hear you’re suffering too. Mine came out of the blue, so heaven knows what I’m suddenly reacting to – could be anything! Hope the Zantac helps – it’s definitely something I’ll be trying in the next month or two.

      Jak x


  2. Ricky Buchanan

    I realise this was written a few years back but I figured I’d leave this here for any other blog readers – inhaled normal *saline* (salt water) is great for itchy/stuffy noses when you can’t do any sort of medications. You can buy spray things with just saline and non medication from the pharmacy, or just dissolve 1 level teaspoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water and snort it. I’m never sure if it works by literally washing out allergens or by loosening the mucus or just by placebo effect of making me think I’m doing something productive, but it does seem to help!

    BTW G’day, I’ve got EDS, POTS, MCAD and severe ME too and I’m currently (slowly) reading through all your blog posts. We seem extremely similar in many ways.



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