Light Bulb Moment

I was reading an article on HIT yesterday which was talking about the triggers which cause excess histamine, when I suddenly had a bit of a light-bulb moment.

Back in May, I woke up one morning with hives (see my blog post here).  I had no idea what had set them off and was highly frustrated that, despite my low histamine diet, something was obviously causing my mast cells to degranulate.  They lasted about 3 weeks then slowly disappeared.  I’ve had similar episodes before, often in spring and autumn, which I’ve previously put down to changes in the weather and, whilst I’m sure this doesn’t help the situation, I’m now not convinced it’s the main culprit.

I had an Immunology appointment in June which showed a previously unknown allergy to Birch Pollen, and it came to me suddenly yesterday that April-May is the Birch pollen season here in the UK.  My reaction to the pollen was, I’m fairly sure, the trigger which caused my histamine bucket to overflow and my hives to appear, plus it also explains a period of extremely dry, sore and gritty eyes which, at the time, I was clueless about.

Knowledge is power.  Next year I’ll be keeping my bedroom window closed during Spring and turning on my air purifier in the house.  I’ll also make sure I wear some wrap around glasses when I’m walking my dog in the woods.  Now and again a tiny part of the puzzle slots into place and, just for a short time, it’s nice to feel like I’m in charge of my body and not the other way round.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long 😉 .


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