Oval 8 Finger Splints

My hands and wrists are highly flexible and I’ve been having increasing pain in my Index and Middle fingers for some time.   My PIP joints (the ‘knuckle’ joints) are very bendy, but it’s my DIP (end of finger) joints which hurt the most, so two days ago I was fitted for Oval 8 DIP splints (I’d love some pretty silver ring splints, but they rub my skin raw, set off my Dermographism and generally hurt like a sod).

Here is my Middle finger pre-splint:

Photo of hypermobile middle fingerAnd here is my Middle finger with splint:

Photo of Oval 8 DIP splintAs you can see, it makes a huge difference as to how far back my finger can now bend but I still have a full range of movement if I want to bend my finger forwards.

Unfortunately I do still have a large amount of flexation at the PIP joint on my left middle finger, so it may be that I’ll need a PIP as well as a DIP support for that one finger – I’ll see how it goes.

I now have five Oval 8 finger splints:

Oval 8 finger splintsThey’re flesh coloured so quite unobtrusive.  They’re also fairly comfortable – well, as much as wearing bits of plastic on the tips of your fingers can be comfortable!  I can type fine in them, drive fine in them and generally potter about fine in them.  The problem starts when I want to wash my hands, or otherwise get them wet.  Because then they can slip about and I worry that one day they’ll drop right off.  So I use them judiciously – taking them off to bathe or do the washing up.

I have extremely small hands (I wear gloves for children aged 7-11!) so was really worried that the splints would be too long for my short fingers, but so far so good.  I have a size 4 for my fingers and a 7 for my thumb.  If they don’t fit brilliantly (I have a weird lump on the side of my right index finger from writing at school as a child) they can be heated with a heat gun and slightly moulded for a better fit.  Mine were provided on the NHS by my lovely Occupational Therapist, Fiona, at my local hospital (she’s a gem).

It’s early days, so I’ll reserve judgement on how practical, comfortable and useful the splints turn out to be.  But so far, as splints with all their drawbacks go, I think they’re going to be fine.  I do miss my bendy fingers though.  Having digits that can contort in all sorts of ways, I’ve come to realise, is really quite useful and having ‘normal people’s’ fingers is really quite limiting.  I won’t miss the pain but!


5 thoughts on “Oval 8 Finger Splints

  1. Carol

    I am new to this site but my 14 year old daughter has been diagnosed with ehlers danlos hypermobility. she has had many operations. her fingers have been in terrible pain. Where could she be fitted for these oval 8 finger splints? I need to follow up with her Dr. to now address her finger pain. thanks all your suggestions are appreciated


    1. bertieandme Post author

      Oh, and I forgot to say she might do better with metal or silver ring splints, eg. Murphy ring splints http://murphyringsplint.com/ (the OT or Orthotics should know about these). They look much prettier than plastic for a teenager. The only reason I have the plastic ones is that I have Dermographism and the metal ones make my skin wheal up, but this isn’t a problem for most people x


  2. bertieandme Post author

    Hi Carol. If you’re in the UK ask for a referral to an Occupational Therapist or the Orthotics Department at your local hospital. If you’re in the USA I’m sorry I can’t help as I don’t know the system over there. Have you joined the Inspire EDS Forum (http://www.inspire.com/groups/ehlers-danlos-national-foundation/ and click on the Sign Up tab)? Search on there or post a message and someone based in American will definitely be able to help x


  3. Mike

    Haha, having our bendy fingers is useful. I haven’t experienced not having them yet so I don’t really know how you mean. I liked my bendiness until the back, neck, wrist and foot pain creeped up on me. I’m wondering if the lifelong sluggish stomach pain could be a caused by EDS. And the migraines, marfanoid build, flat feet, velvet skin and contact lenses in my eyes.
    Anyway, off to read more of your blogs 🙂



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