To Diet or Not To Diet?

It is now only 9 days until my appointment with the specialist Immunologist about my mast cell symptoms.  I’m hopeful, excited and will probably be wildly disappointed and come home crying on the train ;-).  I do, however, have a big dilemma: do I stay on a low histamine diet (which means I’m much less symptomatic) or do I return to my high histamine eating habits (in which case I risk being too ill to make the journey to Preston for my appointment)?.

As a trial, I decided to go high histamine a few days ago.  OMG, I’d forgotten how absolutely, scrumptiously, gorgeously, delicious chocolate was!  On the other hand, I made some Quorn Nachos and got a long-forgotten head rush (probably from the tomatoes and tomato puree as nothing else in there was anything I hadn’t been eating anyway).  So now I’m torn.  If it’s that easy to get a brain reaction from eating just a tin of tomatoes I’m not sure going high histamine is feasible for a whole 9 days.  On the other hand, if I continue on the low histamine diet will I be symptomatic enough for any of my blood work or urine to come back positive for histamine or tryptase?  Decisions, decisions.

However, it’s not like I’m totally symptom free.  I still have rampant heartburn, so my stomach acid is obviously abundant.  The journey itself will also be stressful, as I’m heading 70 miles south on the train on my own, then have to find a taxi to get me to the hospital.  Add to that the fact that my period is due that very same day, and I do have some fabulous histamine producing opportunities, diet or no diet (I’m actually really concerned that my period is due, as I get menstrual migraines which might mean I can’t even get dressed let alone get myself to Preston).

I think the compromise might be to start eating things that I know don’t immediately upset me, but might build up slowly in my system (like normal bread, chocolate and cheddar cheese).  And as a last-ditch strategy I might just take some cold pizza with me and eat it 15 minutes before the appointment.  The last time I ate pizza I had a fabulous reaction – if only I could wash it down with a nice bottle of Chianti I’d be guaranteed to flush, swell and pass out ;-).


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