When I was diagnosed with H-EDS the Rheumatologist said I had “mildly stretchy skin”.  Until then I’d had no idea my skin was any looser than other people’s and I came home and asked everyone I knew to pull their skin out to see how elastic it was compared to mine 😉 .

My friend Jane (who also has H-EDS, Dysautonomia and severe M.E. – considering these diseases are “rare” there are a lot of us around!) recently asked me to show her my stretchy skin so that we could compare notes.  So I thought I’d post some pictures online, so that you could compare notes too!

Photo of stretchy neck skin

Stretchy neck skin

photo of stretchy hand skin

Stretchy hand skin

Photo of stretchy elbow skin

Stretchy elbow skin

As well as stretchy skin, I have very soft skin which feels beautifully smooth and quite velvety to the touch.  It is very thin though, and I wish I had shares in Germolene and Elastoplast the amount of cuts, tears and grazes I have on an almost daily basis.  I gave up a lonnng time ago trying to brush my teeth without my gums bleeding: not through disease but through fragility.  I’ll probably end up a tooth-less old spinster with a mouth full of dentures!

I have, though, what is termed ‘dirty elbows’, ie patches of pigmented skin.  The skin isn’t thick or dry, just dark brown.  No clue why, but here’s a photo just in case you can shed some light!

Photo of 'dirty' elbows

‘Dirty’ elbows

On the up-side, I’m constantly told I don’t look my age (currently 45, eek!) and if I ask people to guess they usually place me at mid-to-late thirties  (they’re probably just being polite and lying through their teeth, but at my age I’ll take all the lies I can get 😉 ).

Not only do I have thin skin, I also have incredibly thin/fine hair (literally like baby hair) through which you can see my scalp, and thin nails which split and break so readily I’ve never had a decent talon in my entire life.

I’ve also always scarred easily, from very minimal trauma.  As a toddler, I was playing with my little next door neighbour who accidentally scratched my face with her nail.  I’ve had a scar on my cheek ever since.  And the scar I was left with after my spinal surgery I call “the zip”, because that’s just what it looks like, having a wide centre, and staple lines either side :-/

Photo of a Laminectomy scar

Laminectomy scar (now 30 years old)

On the whole my skin doesn’t cause me any serious problems, for which I’m very grateful.  If you know any decent wig makers though, do let me know 😉 .


4 thoughts on “Skin

  1. zebraboo

    Ohhhh I thought it was just me with the hair! I have been told I have ‘diffuse alopecia’ but I’m sure it’s just EDS and maybe a POTS blood supply thing. Baby thin. Wispy. Scalp shining through all over the place. I’ve never had a ponytail thicker than a pencil, ever!

    Does yours ever fall out in big bouts? (Or maybe they’d be small sheds to a normal person ..!)

    The skin looks very familiar too, although your neck is stretchier than mine!


    1. bertieandme Post author

      When I was really ill with M.E. my hair came out in handfuls 😦 . I do still shed a fair amount of hair (can’t believe how much is left in the bath lol!), which is a sod because it’s not like I have loads to give away! x


  2. Ashri

    Oh god, I ‘m very nervous… I think, I have every single symptoms alike… what should I do?? however.. it’s amazing finding your web, giving me very much answers. Thanks


    1. Jak Post author

      Hi Ashri

      I’d suggest you find a specialist if you think you have EDS and get a proper diagnosis. There are lots of different connective tissues disorders and diseases which share similar symptoms. Wishing you well. Jak



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